Wednesday, January 29, 2014

procrastinating creativity

I write random things down on my computer from time to time and then stumble across them later.
While searching for a document today, I saw some notes about why I don't create more often.
Procrastinating creating has been an ongoing issue in my life for years and I want to know why.

I mean I love to make pretty stuff (to quote Heidi Swapp).
I adore looking at all my lovelies (paper/embellishments).
I delight in pouring over my photographs and recalling memories.
A completed project gives me a huge dose of joy and happiness.
I get that whole "I made this! Yeah!" euphoria.
The completed project is my favorite part of scrapbooking.
I love that feeling! I need that feeling! I want to feel accomplished!

So in normal over-analytical fashion - tonight I asked myself....

What keeps me from being creative?

Here's the list I made:
- a messy desk
- I don't have the pics I need to tell the story I want to tell
- the pictures I have are not the right size for the project I have in mind
- my pictures are unorganized and I have so many they overwhelm me 
- my house is messy - chores need to be done first
- it's more fun to surf the internet and if I just talk about scrapbooking, I will still feel creative
- I watch too much TV
- I procrastinate because it requires focused thought to begin and/or finish a project

First I said to myself, "Wow Trace...that's a lot of excuses!" 
Then I asked myself, "What can I do to overcome these obstacles?"

I can:
- clean off my desk as soon as I finish a project 
- make a list of stories I want to tell and photos to take
- buy an Epson Picturemate so that when I want a specific sized photo, I can print it
- organize all my photos chronologically in some sort of album system so I can easily access them
- keep my house clean so I can spend my free time creating without guilt
- remind myself that it's important to document our is not lived online or watching TV
- just do it - the more I create, the more my brain will function in a creative cycle and my process will flow

For each excuse, I have a solution.

So my February goal is to work on all my solutions and have NO MORE EXCUSES for why I don't create.

February is going to be the month of "The Great Photo Organization Project of 2014!" 
I'm going to be sharing lots of pictures and info on how I do it and it will be a very big project. More on that later.

So what is standing in the way of you being crafty? Do you procrastinate being creative? Why?
What are some of your excuses and how can you overcome them? I'd love to hear feedback on this! 

This year I plan to make more scrapbook pages than I've ever made in one year. 

Let's do this thang!


Barbara Eads said...

Wow Tracy! You've really got a HUGE goal for February. If you need any help with the organization, but sure to let me know---as that's my forte! Here's the single most BEST tip I can give you. Make yourself a 3-ring planning binder filled with about a dozen top-loading page protectors. Fill each one with a set of photos, and a note of the story you want to tell. Add any memorabilia. Make a note of the size of photo you might need---or other photos you might add. Jot down title ideas, or layout ideas and add as you think of things. I find that having this binder allows me to pick up something at any time and get started. Sorry to have written a book here, but get me going on organization and I can't stop!! Another thing that slows down creativity is "over"-organizing! Just get started! PS I'm guilty of the same things!

Madeline said...

Hahaha...i could have written that same list, word for word! What works for me are deadlines. I never procrastinate when there's a deadline! lol

Unknown said...

I struggle with the same things! Every time I try to get organized I get overwhelmed with the task at hand. Maybe I need to start with something small. I have unfinished projects because I got "burned out" with them. I am going to try Barbara's suggestion and see if that works for me. I will be looking forward to seeing how you get organized. Maybe it will inspire me! :)

TracieClaiborne said...

Barbara - I already have a plan written out - I live for organizing! But thanks for the tip! I know what I want to do - just need to set aside a whole week to do it!

Tanya Ham said...

Good for you!!! :) You have to just START somewhere! My MIL keeps saying she wants to organize her pics that are just in boxes, but she doesn't know how. I told her just to pick something and go with it - whether by event or year or whatever - just do it! ;)