Wednesday, February 05, 2014

hodge-podge albums

Thank you to everyone who listened to the ScrapGals podcast!
As I write this, it's been listened to over 1,000 times now and we are just astounded by that. Giddy but shocked!
It's on iTunes now so if you want to subscribe, we're trying our best to have one every Monday!
Here's a link to it...ScrapGals on iTunes

On our first episode, we talked at one point about "hodge-podge" albums.
I wanted to give you some examples of what we're talking about.
Basically, that's when you scrap any size layout you want and put them all together in a 12x12 album.
The first person we saw do this was one of our favorite scrappers back in the day...Lisa McGarvey.
Here's a link to her album on TwoPeas.... Lisa McGarvey's Album
Be sure to read her comments on the link because they are life-changing if you've never tried thinking this way!
(She actually got the idea from Tara Whitney and Emily Falconbridge which we should mention.)

This is nothing new because that post is from 5+ years ago but it's interesting to me that we still feel it's revolutionary. (Tiffany and I do.)
I love the idea of putting enlargements right in an album, alongside layouts (like in the pic above).

Mary Ann Perry inspired me doing this in her Project Life album and she was really the first person who made me sit up and take notice of PL.
She made a video for Becky Higgins a few years ago showing her album and inside she mixed layouts and enlarged photos. Love!
Here's a link to her video that shows her amazing and awesome album... click here.

I think she did a great job of mixing in layouts, enlarged photos, memorabilia and regular pictures to make a hodge-podge Project Life album.
I don't know that she's still doing it in this style anymore but if you look through her blog, it's chock-full of inspiration!
This style is how my co-host, Tiffany, does Project Life and I'm considering it.
Right now, I add in inserts and enlargements but I haven't been brave enough to add a regular layout in yet!

Really what we want to inspire you to do is be open-minded about pages sizes in scrapbooking.
Just have one photo you want to showcase? Maybe an 8x8 page would hold that photo + some journaling.

8.5x11 layouts are our favorite for single photo layouts or 2-3 pics...

but we love 12x12 for multi-pic pages...

There are so many fun ways to document our memories that we really should open our minds to variety.
Whether it's mini-albums, regular pages, Project Life pocket page scrapbooking or even just a photo album with journaling written on the side - it's so important to record the story of our lives!

What size do you primarily scrapbook in and what sizes have you experimented with? I'd love to hear!


Dictionary said...

Great mix of pages. Lately I have been thinking of incorporating some pocket pages into my reg scrapbook 12x12 pages, I think it should work.

Unknown said...

I've been playing around with this as well with 12x12's and 8x10's. I love the way it looks.