Friday, February 21, 2014

"love" mini-album

Here it is...finally! I have had it done for days but needed a sunshiney day to take photos!
This is my little hodge-podge love mini-album we discussed in ScrapGals episode three.

I hope you enjoy it! It was so fun to make.
I used my Silhouette Cameo to make the word "love" and added it to an acrylic piece with red fuzzy polka-dots. Joy!
In case you're wondering, I used spray adhesive to attach the word to the acrylic piece.
You have to keep in mind that whatever you attach to acrylic shows on the back of it. Spray adhesive doesn't show.
The entire mini is all about mixing patterns and playing with color.
I kept the embellishments to a minimum to let the papers, photos and journaling stand out.
I did use one package of hearts that are foam mounted and I used all but one of them in the pack!
4x6 pages + 4x4 pages + a shipping tag scattered here and there...
and a few skinny pages the same width as the tag...
All of my journaling starts with "I love...."
I snuck in a couple Project Life cards because I love this heart! (above)
The paper that says "sweetheart" is actually a PL card with the edges cut off to make it straight.
Even though the fall page went a bit against my color scheme, I wanted to include it because fall is my favorite!
I think I tied it together with the green paper from the front cover and the yellow used throughout.
Don't be afraid to mix colors!
The above pic is my back yard and my front yard. I just wanted to have a few pics of where I live.
I may add some journaling about how I love my church to that big heart or I may just leave it blank. I just liked it in there.

Check out how thick the album is!

Here are the supplies I had left over. I am going to try and make some cards with the scraps.
I started this album in January 2013 but really all I had was the bones of it so I kind of started fresh on the pictures and journaling.
I think this love mini is a great representation of who I am right now. I am going to add the year on the back.
Of course there are lots of things I didn't include, mainly music and movies and TV shows but I did include what's most important to me!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Tracy said...

This is such a special book.
I love that you had started each page with what you "love".

Tiffany Lowder said...

Love! Love! Love! The heartfelt journaling makes it even more special, but your design rocks!

Staci said...

I LOVE every page! Beautifully done! TFS.

Bethany said...

Was looking through the message boards on Two Peas In A Bucket and clicked on your link. I love mini albums and yours is fantastic.

Chelle said...

Love Love Love!!!

You make me happy! I love to hear you on your podcasts. You are so joyful!

Michelle said...

I LOVE this. I love how heartfelt it is and the simplicity of it. You inspire me to try making mini albums (all the years of scrapbooking and I have yet to make one).

Teddi said...

tracie, it's a fantastic album! i enjoyed reading it, and discovering all these details. maybe one day you might want to record your mama's chocolate pie recipe, or how you make your homemade chili. i wish i was that organized! your fridge was immaculate.

Amy Pitts said...

I love your book!!! I love seeing all these things you love and this is just sooo fun with all the different sizes.

winjes said...

What a beautiful tribute to those you love and the beautiful life you live. I've never created a mini book (and I've been scrapbooking for 16 years), but I'm so inspired to give it a try after seeing this. Thank you so much for sharing so much with us.