Monday, February 24, 2014

new ScrapGals episode!

This week's ScrapGals episode is a delightful discussion filled with enthusiasm for Project Life!
Tiffany and I got so excited talking about Project Life that we found ourselves at the end of a 2 hour conversation!
We decided to split it into two shows so this week is Part 1 and includes my step-by-step process.
Next week starts with Tiffany's process and another hour of us talking about why we love and use Project Life.

We hope you'll listen - it's a fun one!

If you want more information about Project Life, visit Becky Higgins' website at this link...

Here are some Project Life layouts I've done...
Project Life - January 2013
Project Life - February 2013
Project Life - March 2013

I have more spreads to share - just have to photograph them!

So without further delay - here's ScrapGals Episode 4: Project Life - Part 1 on Podomatic
or you can download from iTunes at this link... ScrapGals on iTunes

Here's a player if you want to listen here! Enjoy!


jawebbtn said...

Loved this episode. Very useful. I'm still trying to decide about project life. Looking forward to part 2!

Tiffany Lowder said...

Dang, your layouts are great! I'm feeling the pressure. Maybe I'll post a few this week...or maybe I'll chicken out. Great designs as always, girlie!

debbi said...

I have loved every episode. I have considered a month in review PL album for a while. Y'all have helped me think it through. Thanks for the motivation to try something new!

Kristina Proffitt said...

Aw, thanks for the shout out, friend! You are cracking me up with your process! LOL! Hugs!!

Lisa Browning said...

Well, I don't see a blogpost yet about part 2, but OMG, it's the best one yet! Well, maybe not the best (they are all good), but certainly the most hilarious. What, it wasn't supposed to be hilarious? ROFL. It is. The differences between the way you and Tiffany think and the ways you approach Project Life--you crack me up. I will be listening to this a lot this week as I work in my craft room. You two are a hoot!! Good work, ladies.

Emily Adams said...

Y'all absolutely crack me up - I listen to your podcast in the car by myself and I laugh so hard when y'all get tickled about something. It seems like you and Tiffany would be a riot to hang out with.

Unknown said...

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