Monday, February 03, 2014

new podcast

I am very pleased and excited to announce a new podcast all about scrapbooking!
We are super excited!!!

I have wanted to do a podcast for a long time, really since I got an iPod and an iPhone and started listening to them regularly.
Heaven knows I'm blessed with the gift of gab but I really didn't know what format I could do.
Then a few weeks ago, my best friend, Tiffany and I headed to Louisville for one last visit to Archiver's.
On the way back, we got into a very long scrapbooking discussion, as is the norm for us.
Light bulb! I realized our chat would make a great podcast episode! Tiffany agreed and our wheels started turning. 

The podcast is really just us talking like we always do but now you can listen. Hey - we take this scrapbook stuff seriously.
There's nothing we love more than to talk for hours about the hobby we love so much.

So once we decided to take the plunge, it was just a matter of making it happen. 
Thankfully my husband volunteered to help us. He wrote a theme song for us and edited the show in our little mini studio.
I was giddy. He helped me go step by step and make it happen. He gets the most wonderful husband ever award!

Our plan is to publish a new podcast every Monday. That might depend on our schedules but we're going to do our best. 
We have three "in the can" right now and loads more topics on the list of things to talk about.

If you're new to us, you can hear all about who we are and how we scrapbook in Episode 1!

Here's a photo to put a name with a face...

Tiffany Lowder
- Single
- Scrapbooker for 12+ years
- Full Time High School Teacher
- Mom to Kelsey, age 21
- Lover of Dogs
- Crafty ScrapGal 

Tracie Claiborne
- Married
- Scrapbooker for 12+ years
- Work from Home Personal Assistant
- Homeschooling Mom to Caroline, age 13
- Lover of The Andy Griffith Show 
- Crafty ScrapGal

So without further delay - here is "Episode 1: Who, What, Where, When and Why"
We hope you enjoy listening! You'll be able to subscribe soon on iTunes. (We'll let you know when.)
For now, crank up your computer speakers or better yet, plug in your ear buds and hit play!

(If the player below does not work, listen directly at Podomatic by clicking here.)


Xanthippe said...

Listening right now and it's so fun. I hope you have many more of these!

deb duty said...

I really enjoyed the first episode and can't wait to hear more! You are both great at expressing yourself and I loved hearing your different perspectives. Thanks for doing this. :)

IAmMikki said...

I just finished listening to your first episode and I had a blast listening to you girl talk.

I am looking forward to future episodes, especially the Project Life episode, I've been doing Picture-a-Day Project Life since 2010 so it's one of my favorite topics to hear about.

I hope I don't sound negative here, but your comment about the mom who made videos for her daughter before she died made me think of an episode of This American Life. Her mom wrote her letters for every birthday + wedding day and other important dates before she died and while she loved them, she also hated each one because she had so much pressure, for example her mom stressed how she needed to find a good Christian man to marry and what her husband should be (as you said the lady on Oprah had) and she didn't marry someone religious, nor was she and she felt guilty and conflicted that she couldn't explain to her mom why. It was very interesting.

Thanks again for the scrappy chat!

TracieClaiborne said...

IAmMikkie - what an interesting story! I never thought about someone feeling like they weren't living up to what their Mom wanted. I can understand that because my Dad died when I was 21 and living to honor his wishes for me has been an important part of my life. Thanks for the feedback!

Unknown said...

Thats great Tracie!!!! Can't wait!! I love podcasts too. You are very positive and inspirational. i know you will do great!

Val said...

Love your podcast, I am always on the look out for new podcasts because I seem to zoom through all my current ones too quickly in a week during my commute and your podcast is definitley a keeper! As I listened I was laughing and nodding and agreeing with you! Listening to you guys is like sitting around with a bunch of friends discussing scrapbooking!