Tuesday, March 11, 2014

balancing creative life, work life and home life

My "One Little Word" for this year is "balance."
I haven't done anything scrappy about it but I plan to.

I have made lists and goals and brainstormed thoughts of how to bring more balance into my life.
My biggest struggle to date has been always feeling overwhelmed and behind on life because I'm pulled in so many directions.
Part-time job, creative goals, homeschooling, housework, friends, husband, child, church = a busy life.
Creative play/work fell to the wayside in the latter part of 2013 and I'm determined to fix that this year.

The past few weeks, I've had several days I planned to be "internet free" but as yet, I have not been able to stick to it!
One reason is the internet is connected so closely to my work. I constantly field questions from people and have to find answers.
I can set aside a day to not get online but things come up - this is the real world.

Last week, I spent the entire week getting my house spotless.
I spent about 5 hours cleaning upstairs on Tuesday (3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms).
Then I spent about 8 hours cleaning downstairs Thursday.
By Friday I could barely move. I'm not kidding.

Since I got my entire house caught up, I've worked hard the following days to keep it that way!
Night before last, I unloaded the dishwasher and even did a load of laundry super late. I'm making sure it's all clean before I go to bed.
I've discovered something through this process.

WAKING UP TO A CLEAN HOUSE makes me feel like I can conquer the world.

My mind is free and calm.
It's a burden lifted.
Not that anyone is standing over me, forcing me to clean the house but I like it clean and I'm a grown up and know it needs to be done.
When I try to work in a dirty house with laundry piled up...my mind is distracted. I'm only half focusing on my job when I'm trying to work.
I certainly never feel creative with a completely messy house. It just all weighs on my mind & stresses me.

So my priority list right now is this.....
a) Tidy up house before bed. Laundry every day, put away. When something needs cleaning, do it then.
b) Work Monday, Wednesday and Saturday - get caught up on my work to-do list this month.
c) Creative work Tuesday and Thursday. Set goals, make timelines, deadlines and dream big, stay off internet!
d) Play on Friday and Sunday. Relax and enjoy every moment of life. Flitter and flutter and feel free.

What I'm trying to do is be fully involved in the task at hand.
If I'm working, I'm going to resist the temptation to check Facebook or Pinterest. If I'm creating, I'm turning the TV off and focusing.
When I'm out playing and having fun, I'm trying to unplug from work. I'm having to compartmentalize my life!

I'll give you a weekly update and let you know how it's going! This week, so far, so good!
I've kept the house clean, worked Monday and got a lot accomplished and still found time to see The Lego Movie.
Last night I even worked on a Project Life spread I'm almost done with and will post tomorrow.

Today I plan to be mostly internet free so wish me luck! (I posted this last night.)

Tell me...how do you keep balance in your own life?


Lisa Echerd said...

Good luck in your resolutions! Internet free would be tough! I'm trying 'one chore per day' for housework this year and it is working pretty well although I still keep putting off dusting.

Tiffany Lowder said...

I know what you mean by striving for balance. It seems like something has to 'give' in my life for me to make it work. Usually, it's something like laundry that then becomes my nemesis until I wrangle it back under control. I like your plan & can't wait to hear how it's going. Just make sure you leave room for Tiff time. :)

Unknown said...

I am a busy mommy to 3 girls and run a daycare,so I all to well understand how things can fall to the wayside!I hope you can find a great balance that works best for you,looks like you are off to a lovely start! :)

Emily Adams said...

Sounds like you've got some great plans for 2014 and balancing your life. For cleaning, have you ever looked at http://www.flylady.net ? She has a master plan, weekly zones to clean, and daily tasks. It can be very helpful!

Erica said...

Balance. With everything I have going on, its a balancing act. I miss the days of being a SAHM where I could get anything done. I made such great use of my day. Now, I'm lucky to get everything checked off the to do list everyday. I signed up for Fly Lady cleaning challenges and I clean my house in spurts. Because we aren't home much, it doesn't get too bad during the week. I'm able to dust and keep up with the small stuff in little bits of energy on the weekends. I feel like I can keep it together most weeks but sometimes work kicks my butt.