Tuesday, March 25, 2014


eating: Russell Stover coconut and almond eggs - available only at holidays, I'm obsessed

listening to: Corinne Bailey Rae in the car every day

watching: the remake of "Footloose" last night and I LOVED IT!! I loved it more than the original which I love!

pondering: why it is March 25th and there's snow pouring down! The wind is blowing up a storm and I have errands to run!

anticipating: going to my friend's cabin this week for just one day but anytime we can be there, we love to go

reading: the spring issue of "Artful Blogging" - this magazine is so awesome, I savor every word

loving: that I finally scored a Jenni Bowlin punch I've looked forever for! Found it at The Sassy Scrapper! So happy I snagged it since even Jenni doesn't have anymore to sell - they stopped making her punches!

creating: the final months of my 2013 Project Life album...starting to be a bit bored by the process

feeling: a bit under the weather today but still blessed and happy! 


Michelle said...

I LOVE that punch and have casually looked for it and never spotted it. If it makes you feel a bit better, it is colder than heck here. We have wind chills back in the sub zero, 25mph winds. It just sucks. We had snow the other day, so you must be getting what we got up here. I keep hoping spring will come. No sign yet.

TracieClaiborne said...

Michelle - they stopped making that punch! I meant to say that, that's why I was so excited!

Michelle said...

I know.. :( I had hoped to find it and then gave up. (it was awhile back that I was looking).