Monday, March 03, 2014

new ScrapGals + a Project Life spread

Today's ScrapGals episode is Part 2 of our Project Life show.
We hope you'll listen and let me know if there's something we didn't talk about that you'd like to hear!
Right now we're brainstorming for future shows so we'd love any feedback about what we should talk about.

Here's a link to the show on Podomatic.... Project Life -- Part 2
You can also listen on iTunes here.
Or just listen here on my blog by using this player...

Here's another monthly Project Life spread of mine, from April 2013.
I kept this one simple because a) I didn't have all that much to say and b) I just wanted a clean look.
As I said in the show, I'm really planning to not embellish at all in 2014 and this is leaning towards that - just a few simple stickers.
I like to let the photos and journaling take center stage on most everything I do. Here's the two page spread so you can see the flow...

I made this months ago but I believe I started with the "Sweet Happy Moments" card because I liked it and also the title card.
From the title card, I picked other cards to go with the color scheme. All these cards are from different lines.
I used a Simple Stories sticker sheet for the navy letters for April and another sticker sheet had the "hello."
That picture on the right is part of the farm that my house backs up to. It makes me happy to see it daily.
You can't see it in the picture because of the glare but the day was cloudy and I love taking pictures of clouds!

I really want to stop using this design of page protector but I wanted to use these 4x6's so I went with it.

Of course I had to add inserts to get all my pictures in from the month...
This shows my 6x12 insert with three pics of my husband on the road with Sammy Kershaw.

The backside is pictures from my birthday party...
To the right of that is a 5x7 insert filled with some of my birthday cards. One of them was a tad taller than the pocket but I put it in anyway.

On the back of the 5x7 insert is a picture Caroline made that just happened to fit in perfectly...
I may go back and put a piece of pink paper behind that drawing now that I see it here.
I thought about putting some journaling at the bottom of that pic with the kids but decided to keep it clean.

As always, I looked through my Facebook posts to remind me of what went on that month and I saw that I had posted about a snake being in the garage while Mike was on his gig. So I included that story and a "You're Amazing" tag on the pic of my husband at his gig that month.
The pic above the journaling is my Mom and one of our best friends. She would hate this picture of herself but it is so her that I had to include it under the picture of the cake she made me. She doesn't get online or look at my scrapbooks so she'll never know. LOL!

I think it's important to include things like a homemade birthday cake because let's face it, one day my Mom will be gone and I'll be wishing like crazy for another one of her homemade cakes. So glad I got a pic of it.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this spread.
This week I'm going to be working on several months of Project Life spreads so I hope to share more soon!

Have a happy week and be crafty!


Tiffany Lowder said...

Love, love the layouts!

Erin said...

AWESOME PL layouts! Great photos and I love the bright colors. :)

Amanda said...

Love how you included the cards. Too cute!

Tracie Marie said...

Great spread!! love all the inserts.

Jennifer Grace said...

This looks great, it's nice to see how you used the inserts, and I love the picture Caroline made that you included! x