Thursday, April 10, 2014

discovering the farm

I have been excited to tell this story to someone so I thought I'd share it with you, dear blog friends.
Seventeen years ago, my husband and I bought an acre of land on a quiet street with about fifteen houses on it.
Over time, the far end of the street has been filled with new homes but ours sits in the middle of the existing ones.
our house in 2004 (7 years old)

We chose the street because the homes were colonial in style and we wanted to build a colonial style house.
Also, we loved that the street backed up to a farm with a silo and roosters crowing in the early morn.

A fence was all that stood between us and the farm and in seventeen years, I have rarely walked to the back fence.
I tend to stick to the front yard and the driveway and the screened in porch.
our house in 2011 with new red shutters and a black door 

This weekend, my daughter excitedly told us that she and her friends who live in the new houses down the street found a creek.
She said the creek runs behind our house. Mike and I were skeptical because we'd never seen a creek.
Caroline insisted there was one and we said we would investigate. She decided to show us.
She walked to our back fence and discovered that it was open and you could walk right onto the farm!

I was just getting out of the car when she told me and I was SO EXCITED! I wanted to walk on that farm!
So off we went on an adventure, iPhone in hand to take pictures and see what was behind the fence!

Here's my view from the fence, looking towards my house. My house is on the left. This is at our property line.
Now you can see why I rarely walk to the fence - it's a long way!!!
See the fence on the right? I think our neighbor helped himself to the back fence to square his off.
Fine by me but that's why it's now open. He built his fence fairly recently.

Once over the threshold, I felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole. Welcome to the farm!
Can you see how happy this makes my kid? She loves to explore and be out in the country.

We walked down the fence line, behind our next door neighbor's house. We live one house over from a cul-de-sac and there it is...
It was so weird to see it from the other side!!! We always ride our bikes from our house over to the cul-de-sac and then circle around it.

Then we walked just about one acre from our house and sure enough, there was the creek!
What's even more amazing to me is the land as far as you see can past the creek. All farmland.
Caroline had on sequined sneakers and yet begged to go wading in it. I said, "No! Not in those shoes!"
There were already bugs swarming everywhere - like gnats maybe.
Now I'm a country girl at heart so my daughter can wade in the creek all she wants in proper attire, with a friend, of course.
I don't want her wandering back there alone and yes, I know there might be snakes. We have a lotta critters round here.

I love how life looks from the other side of the fence.
We have a fire pit all the way back at the fence and I've been wanting to have a party and make s'mores and hot dogs.
Now it seems more exciting just to walk back there!

Just had to share that with someone - it was a pretty monumental day for us!
The sad news is....the land has been sold and they are supposed to build about 2,000 homes there but it will be over the next 20 years.
So I guess we'll enjoy it while we can!


Mirabyll said...

So beautiful! Lovely to go on an adventure - at home. Keep it in the heart, and go again!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful home & setting you have!! I love the country, too - enjoy your new discovery!

Tiffany Lowder said...

Love, love these pics of your house! I smell a scrapbook page in the making. :)

Tracy said...

Everyday is an adventure, even if its in your own back yard :)
I see the country girl doesn't venture far from home, teehee.

Barbara Eads said...

Even thought you are "late to your own party," let the fun begin! I do believe I'd have to wade that "crick" myself!