Friday, April 25, 2014

I love leftovers.

Not leftovers of the dinner variety.
Paper leftovers!!

This week in the ScrapGals podcast, we talked about mixing patterned of my favorite things to do, especially on a card.
As I've mentioned before, anytime I make a project, I like to whip up a card with the leftovers.
The patterns are already coordinated and go perfectly together.

So remember my little "love" mini-album I made back in February? (Click this link if you don't.)
After I made it, I had loads of leftovers! Here are the steps I took to make good use of them.

First I took all the larger pieces and cut them to 4x6. I actually had several leftovers large enough to be 4x6. Score!
They'll be perfect for Project Life title cards and journaling blocks.
I try to only keep scraps that are 4x6 or larger. I store them in this bin, behind my 4x6 Project Life cards.
After pulling out the largest pieces, I was left with this pile of scraps and a sticker sheet. Perfect for cards!
I decided that the "Always Look on the Bright Side" would be perfect for a card for someone who's discouraged. I like my cards to be heartfelt and meaningful and the sentiment to make sense. Thankfully, it was the same width as the card bases I buy from Hobby Lobby. (They are 4" x 5.5".)
Now here's where it got really fun. I took the leftovers and started cutting strips. I didn't measure, I just cut.
One thing about me that's ironic is when I make a layout, I'm Neurotic Nellie but when I make a card, I kind of throw it together!
I've made hundreds and hundreds of cards so the process is easy for me.
Side note: Normally the very first thing I do when making a card is run the base through my printer and add a sentiment.
I didn't do that this time but that is the best tip I can give for making cards because it makes them look more finished.
Here's a tutorial I did all about printing a sentiment inside a card.

After cutting lots of strips (more than I needed, just in case), I took the card base and completely covered it with glue.
I prefer an adhesive roller but I was running low this day so I used a big fat glue stick and it did okay.
My go-to design for mixing patterns on a card is patterns on the diagonal.
I just start laying them down in the middle and work my way above and below, pushing them hard against each other...
Then I turn the card over and with scissors, not a trimmer, I cut carefully along the edge.
If I use a trimmer, I mess it up every time and do not get a clean cut. Use a big pair of sharp scissors. Trust me!
I was left with a neat card front and lots of little pieces....I swooped them off into the trash.
After that, I added the sticker in the middle. It looked bare so I added another strip underneath and a little heart that was leftover.
See how cute??? Easy-peasy!
I like how the brightness of the patterns is offset by the black chalkboard look sticker.
(Sticker sheet is from Michael's, made by Recollections.)

I made about six cards from the leftovers so I'll be sharing the rest soon with more step-by-step pictures but here's one more.
Sometimes I like to make a horizontal card, just to be different. I do prefer vertical cards.
I started this one with pink doily paper from Maggie Holmes.
I cut it down a bit and stuck it in the middle.
Then I just started adding those strips I had already cut until I had the whole card covered.
I took one more of the stickers from the sticker sheet and added a heart using a heart punch and voila.
Quick and easy card to cheer someone up.
I hope you're inspired to make a card the next time you complete a project.
I really think it helps to have lots of pre-made card bases on hand. I keep kraft, white and cream and their envelopes.
I buy them in packs of 50 at Hobby Lobby and on sale, I pay $3.49 for the whole pack!
You can imagine, that lasts me a while!!
You'd be amazed how quickly you can make a card if you have your patterns cut to 4x6 & lots of stickers and stamps with sentiments.
Way easier than stopping by a store to buy one and paying $3.99 for it!

Thanks for stopping by! See you again Monday with a new ScrapGals podcast that is my favorite we've ever recorded.



Tammy said...

Fun ideas! Love the strips on the diagonal. :)

ColorMeCraftsy said...

I just love this card! What a great way to use your scraps! I really like the way you store them too, I am going try this with all my scraps - definitely increases their chances of being used!

Ange said...

Fantastic! Love both cards, very fun!!

bernii miller said...

GREAT card!! I must try that with the strips. :)

Tiffany Lowder said...

You are the card making queen! I bow to your greatness.... ;)