Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm bringin' stickers back.

I joked one time that I want to do a funny video with me singing a song to the tune of "I'm Bringin' Sexy Back" but I would change the lyrics to "I'm Bringin' Stickers Back."
Can't you hear it?

I'm bringin' stickers back.
Them other scrappers don't know how to act.
They're thinkin' stickers be all full of crap.
I really hate it that they get a bad rap.

JT ain't got nothin' on me! (I loves me some JT.)

Seriously this week's ScrapGals podcast, we discussed theme scrapping so it inspired me to break out some stickers!!
Heaven knows I have plenty of holiday photos to scrap!
I chose a set based on the quality of the photos.

With Easter being the obvious upcoming holiday - I pulled out my very small stash....
I found some cute Pebbles Easter embellies that aren't stickers but I thought I might use them.
I tried to picture how I would place them but they just seemed so plain.
Meh. I just wasn't feeling it.
So I decided to go with the very glittery Doodlebug sheet. I have always loved Doodlebug stickers.

I am on a grid/linear layout kick so I thought, what the heck, just go with what I know. I cut one photo down to 4x4 to get this...
I adhered them to a piece of cheap white cardstock so I could place them on a variety of patterns to see which I liked best.
Then, strangely enough, I cut a piece of thicker white cardstock and adhered it for my title.
I used the sticker sheet to create my title and added a couple butterflies on pop dots for interest plus a tiny strip of polka dot.

Here's how the layout turned out...
I am not a big fan of purple but it just seemed to work here so I found a subtle background piece and a more solid for journaling.
I used one more of the stickers added to a pennant tag for fun in the top corner...
I really wanted to pile on the stickers and use a ton of them but I just couldn't make it work.
I think subtle is best when using stickers. A few go a long way.

Here's a close up of the journaling. I couldn't think of what to say since this was from 2007 and I had this long area for journaling.
Thankfully, Caroline came in the room and told me her memories of it so that helped me write this much...
Just one last note...before I decided what pics of Easter I would scrap, I looked through all my albums to see what I had already done.
I found that I had scrapped about four Easter pages but none past 2006. I have multiple photos from each year.
Photos of the basket, her Easter dress, the egg hunt and sometimes a play at church.

So for each year I haven't scrapped, there's like four sets of pictures per year? Whew! Not a good realization since this is 2014!
That's like 30+ layouts I need to do. I will just have to do them when the mood strikes me, I guess.
At least this is a step in the right direction!!


Bonjourscrap said...

Good luck with all these layouts to come ! this one is lovely !

Tanya Ham said...

Super cute! I can spot a Doodlebug sticker at 500 paces, LOL! :) They look adorable on your layout!

Mirabyll said...

What a nice way to get in mood for the Easter weekend, to scrap oldies with all the sweet spring papers! Love the stickers!

Lisa Echerd said...

Love how you have incorporated your stickers. Great to use the stash!

Dictionary said...

Cute layout, love the blocked look. Great use of stickers!

Michelle said...

This is really cute. I love that Caroline added her memories to this too. I have some Easter pages to catch up on too. :)

Unknown said...

I'm not a huge sticker fan but love how your layout turned out! You're right, less is more. I like the blocked look, too. Great job!

Unknown said...

I love this layout and must try it. I've been stepping away from stickers (mostly because I feel I have to justify the purchase of my Cameo). Scrappers guilt.

Tiffany Lowder said...

Doodlebug makes me happy! I like the way you layered the bunny sticker onto a flag to ground it. Lovely!

Teddi said...

tracie, what beautiful & heartfelt journaling! such a gift for your daughter. on the podcast you said you were always a fan of stickers. i wondered if you had one of those sticker books when you were little. i did. at recess we would trade stickers.

Robert said...

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