Wednesday, April 02, 2014

let's talk about pinning layouts

I was just browsing through Pinterest, looking for scrapliftable layouts and I had a light bulb moment.
I'm very choosy about what I pin!

There are a lot of things I see that are nice, lovely, fun or even interesting...but I don't pin them.
I pin the things that really speak to my soul. Things I feel a connection to.
When it comes to scrapbooking, I only pin projects I think I might actually recreate, like this one I am thinking about lifting today...

For years, I used a binder with magazine clippings of layouts I love.
There's a section for one photo, two photo, three photo layouts, etc.

I still like to browse through it and I will never get rid of it but now it's so much easier just to go to Pinterest for inspiration.
When I look there, I want to find a layout quickly that I absolutely love and that will be easy to lift.

I have a clean, linear style so I mostly pin layouts that are clean and linear.
On the other hand, I also love to pin layouts that are a bit more whimsical than I could think of on my own!
If I'm going to scraplift, I usually go with a design that I probably wouldn't have thought of myself!
That's the fun of it!

Really, with all the fun of Pinterest at our fingertips, if we're careful about what we pin and only pin things that truly inspire us to create - we should be able to tap into that creativity, whether it be from color combos, mixing patterns or an outright scraplift and get down to business very quickly!

If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, here's a link to my boards. I'd love to see what you're pinning!
Leave me a link to you on Pinterest in the comments!

Happy scraplifting!


Mary Jo said...

You know I am pretty similar. I used to keep a binder just like you and purged it a few weeks ago just keeping the items that I really think I would like to be inspired by. It's a much smaller collection but still there.

Pinterest is my main source of collecting inspiration now. And I would say for the most part that I my style and what I am drawn to is pretty clean, linear and classic. I like a lot of grid designs. But I love a little whimsy, too. :)

My pinterest boards are here
And I am now following yours :)

KatieH said...

I have a binder as well. I haven't looked at it in forever. Your podcast on scraplifting really spoke to how I feel about the "lift". I don't know why I don't do it more. I think it is a great jump start to getting your mojo fired up. I need to do more of it. I am going to dig that binder out and see what is in there. I also never even thought to look on pinterest for layouts. I started following you, Tracie. I love the layout you think you are going to lift. Thanks again for the inspiration!

Christi said...

I love that Pinterest has replaced my binder or my browser folder full of bookmarks. You can find me on at - I pin layouts, cards, recipes, Disney ideas and running stuff.
P.S. Love the podcast!

Tiffany Lowder said...

Great idea to blog about your Pinterest approach! I love that layout by Susan Weinroth that you're thinking about lifting. Di you have any particular story in mind? I can't wait to see what you do.

Heather said...

It's so interesting to read about your Pinterest approach! You have much more pinning self-control than I do, I am a Pinterestaholic. I have so many scrapbooking pins I have to separate mine out - I have a CAS, GAL board (all Clean and Simple, Graphic and Linear type layouts, which is my favorite style), Details, Inspiration... the list goes on.

As I was listening to the Finding Inspiration episode on my car ride yesterday, I kept thinking, "I wish I were home so I could take notes!" It definitely merits a re-listen. Thanks for the inspiration!