Saturday, April 12, 2014

my scrappy motto

Today I've been working on an editorial calendar for my blog to go along with our upcoming podcasts.
I'm going to work hard to have layouts that represent all the ideas we generate during the shows.
I started to feel a bit overwhelmed by the long list of all the layouts and then I remembered what makes it easy for me. 
I just have to remember to...

That is totally my motto and has been for a while, actually. 
More than new product, stunning photos or a great layout to lift, the thought of telling my story is what inspires me.
I regularly sit and write random stories I want to record. I keep a Word document going for all these thoughts.

Today over dinner, I talked with my sister and made a timeline of some events that happened in my life.
In many ways, she is the keeper of my story because I have a lot of memory loss from a head injury as a child.

As we talked, I remembered some things I hadn't thought of in years that she had completely forgotten!
She said, "If you would talk about these things, maybe you would remember more of your life."
I said, "That's why I want to put all these memories in a scrapbook - so I will remember my life!"

That's just what I intend to do. This will be my most prolific year of scrapbooking ever. I'm determined to make it so.
I challenge you to do the same! Just start writing. Open a Word document or take out a fresh pad of paper and pen.
Pick a topic, like "childhood" and start writing all the things that come to mind. Just write. You can do your journaling list style.
A timely topic would be "memories of Easter." Once the writing is done, do the layout while it's fresh in your heart and mind.
I like recalling happy memories to write about and then I like to choose a layout to lift and pair it with my memories.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to do seven layouts & a mini-album & you bet your bottom dollar on all of them, I will start with the story!

Happy weekend peeps!

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Tiffany Lowder said...

I think this motto sums up your approach perfectly! Glad to see that you have put it into action. :)