Tuesday, April 01, 2014

project life monthly - June 2013

I've been working hard to catch up on Project Life. As you probably know, I do a monthly format to make it easier on myself.
Right now, I have all my photos printed and inserted into my PL album, up to last week. All of 2013 through March 2014.
I still have to choose cards, journal and embellish but I'm doing that one month at a time. One month per week.

So this week I finished June 2013 and I love how it came out. I intended to blog about this yesterday but I could not get a good photo of this spread to save my life! Sometimes it's super easy and sometimes I struggle, depending on the light in my house. So I just kept trying.

Here's the two page spread...
I built the color scheme around the title card which is from a Snap by Simple Stories summer themed pack. I found the "june" sticker word on another Simple Stories sticker sheet and I love how perfectly it worked!

I searched for a while for something to go on that VBS photo at the bottom left but in the end, I decided I had embellished enough. I'm probably going to stop embellishing completely in 2014 just for the sake of time. 
I love the picture bottom right of Mike and his two brothers. I hate the glare on the above pic!

Mike was a "surprise" for his parents about 15 years after his brothers were born! This is one of the only photos I have of the three of them together. I need to take more.

So here's something new. I'm using standard 4x6 vertical slot pocket pages for the remainder of the year on one side per spread simply because I had so many vertical pics I wanted to use. I really don't mind them not having the 3x4 slot! What's funny about these protectors, by American Crafts, is that there are two slots, one on each side. I started filling them and the pics fell out very easily when I turned the page. So my solution was to put some glue runner behind each pic. Since they are back to back and each has their own slot, you can't tell and I love how snug they are!
My daughter was in the newspaper and I scanned it and I have lost it! Once I find it, I'm going to use an insert and put it in the middle of this spread. I have it here somewhere in my pile of memorabilia!

Every month, I'm including one of my funny Facebook posts. I had three to choose from this month but went with this because it was a random thing that most people don't know about me...
I had forgotten even posting that until I pulled up last June on my FB page!

I hope you enjoyed this week's ScrapGals episode. If you haven't checked it out yet, here's a player...

or here's a link directly to it on Podomatic... Scraplifting: Erasing the Stigma

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Peace out! Stay crafty my friends!


KatieH said...

I am really enjoying the podcast. I work 12 hour days- Sat, Sun and Mon. I leave for work at around 5 am. The first thing I have been doing on Sun or Mon is check to see if I have any new downloads for my Podcasts, I am so excited when I see there is a new one available. I have one friend who still scraps, but we don't see each other often and she isn't nearly as into it as I am. The podcast feels like I am chatting with friends about my favorite thing, even though you can't hear me! Thanks so much for doing this. I will post this on Tracie's blog as well. You Gals are doing a great job. Thanks so much. Katie

Tiffany Lowder said...

Glad to see a pic of you on this spread! The colors of this are fabulous & I love the Facebook post info. Love, love all of it really. :)

Teddi said...

your podcasts are super fun! i'm glad the scraplifting helped you enjoy the process so you could focus on other stuff. i like your idea of adding a snippet of your facebook status included in your project life. yes if you go to youtube & type in kriss kross jump video, you'll hear "it's wickedy wickedy whack, uh huh".