Tuesday, April 08, 2014

scrapbooking your faith: a list of ideas

This week's ScrapGals podcast is all about scrapbooking your faith.
We veered off topic a time or two and in the end, I wasn't sure how much we had said that was actually scrapbook or faith related.
So I made a list.
(Don't you love a good list?)

I was amazed at how many ideas we actually came up with in the show! I sent the list off to Tiff so we could work on layouts.
Hoping the list will inspire you too, I thought I would share it.
Our ideas were specific to Tiffany and me so I'm going to list them in a more general way so you can see how they could spark an idea to scrap your own life. Some will be relatable and some will not, of course.

Off we go...
  1. a conversion of faith from one denomination to another and the story behind it
  2. photos of a baptism event
  3. the transformation or impact a faith event has had on your life
  4. a list of blessings in your life
  5. answered and unanswered prayers and why you're thankful for both
  6. your faith formation; how you came to believe what you currently believe
  7. growing up in faith; stories of going to church growing up (or not) and memories of family
  8. religious holidays and celebrations
  9. religious traditions, i.e. wearing an orchid to church on Easter 
  10. where you went on Easter growing up, what you did as a family
  11. favorite hymns or just songs you sing to your child
  12. issues you feel strongly about - politics - your stance and why you believe as you do
  13. how you've changed on issues
  14. things you value vs. issues that are not really on your radar
  15. a significant health scare and how your faith helped you overcome it
  16. mini album of life lessons - random lessons you've learned, numbered
  17. scary moments in your life; ghost stories; thoughts on the afterlife
  18. how you live now vs. how you were forced to be in a more structured religion growing up
  19. how your life is different than your parents from a faith perspective
  20. visiting friend's churches growing up and your thoughts on them
  21. Vacation Bible School as a child and memories of it
  22. how you find balance in life - include any part of it that is about faith
  23. literature we've read that has shaped our faith and beliefs
  24. favorite scriptures and how we stand on them 
  25. a snapshot of your church growing up or you now at your current church
Okay, so there's 25 great ideas to spark your scrapbooking about faith! I have to go get busy on a page of my own! 

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Tiffany Lowder said...

Dang, we came up with lots of good ideas. Good job, ScrapGals! Lol!

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titancia said...

I love this list! Thank you for sharing all the ideas!