Thursday, April 03, 2014


Hey all. To go along with this week's podcast, I just had to do a scraplift, right?? Right!
Well, since I always like to be totally transparent, I gotta say, this one was not really as easy or exciting as the ones I did last week.

Here's why!
I have a pile of pictures that I know I want to use on layouts. These are pictures from 2013 that I recently had printed.
So I picked out some and they are all 4x6 that can't be cropped much, if at all.
I started looking through all my layouts on Pinterest for a sketch or layout with 3 pictures that are full 4x6.
Come to find out - I mainly pin layouts with small photos! I didn't realize it until today!
I'm not really even a big fan of layouts with tiny photos but the layouts I have pinned rarely have a 4x6.
So I kept searching until I found this sketch but working from a sketch wasn't really as fun as lifting a layout I love.
This sketch is by Diana Fisher.

I stayed pretty close to the sketch and it came together VERY QUICKLY. I'm not overwhelmingly in love with it or anything. It's okay.
I think it looks a bit too much like what I would do on my own! Yawn. heehee
I always think the photos I take of my layouts don't do them justice too. 
I think this is one of those "I'll be glad I scrapped it when she's 30" layouts because I love the pictures and the look on her face in the middle one. I sure would like to see pics of me like this when I was 13! (I'm going to put a date on the back.)

I used some Simple Stories letter stickers from a big sticker sheet. They always have this wonky font on them and I'm not sure I even like them but I have several sheets of them so I figured I'd give them a whirl.
I think that little pink circle is by Jenni Bowlin from a kit she did once. The scalloped border sticker is glittery and by Doodlebug.

I used an acrylic piece from Heidi Grace that is way old! Love that. 
The "remember this" is from a new piece of Maggie Holmes paper. I love mixing new and old!
The green is some random piece I bought for the front side forever ago and I had it in my green bin.
The hearts I also bought for the front side because it had cut apart tags. I always love hearts.

Well thanks for popping by! I hope you enjoyed this. I'm a little worried about how hard it was for me to find a layout to lift with 4x6 photos because I have loads of 4x6 photos to make layouts with. I sure wouldn't want to have to reprint them all! But for my next print order, I think I'm going to do lots and lots of 4x4's and see if that's easier to work with! 

If you've got a source for great 4x6 photo layouts that are well-designed, leave me a link! Looks like I'll be needing it!

Stay crafty my friends. Stay crafty.


Jennifer Grace said...

This is cute! I really love the wonky font and the little heart overlapping the photos.

I just typed 'layouts with 4x6' into pinterest and came up with loads, in particular there's this board for layouts with three 4x6 photos: and this one for layouts with two 4x6 photos: both by Pink Crafty Mama. There's a starting place for you! x

Brenda said...

I am really enjoying your blog--pretty new to it--I love this-I am a pretty simple scrapbooker and I too am loving mixing my old and new--in fact my friend and I have set that as a "new goal"--we will use something we already have in our stash on every layout. Can you tell me where you get the 4x4 prints--I usually use a Walgreen's near me (with coupons) and although I saw 4x4's advertised on their website I couldn't find how to order them--but I too will be looking for those 4x6 layouts. Thanks again. Brenda

Michelle said...

I love it. She is such a cute girl. :) I use sketches all.the.time. I am drowning in 4x6 photos over here. Seriously!!! I can't crop mine down either. I like Susan Stringfellows sketches. She does a lot of 4x6 photo sketches. Page Maps has a few. I think Inspired Blueprints do too. But I also take sketches with multiple 3x4 photos and adjust it to fit my 4x6 photos. Lately, I have been using pretty recently taken photos and printing from my printer at home. I am also going to load up a bunch of 4x6 canvases with 3x4's and zip them up to Shutterfly.

Ashley Calder said...

Cute page! I love sketches. :) I really like the photo series on your page and the wonky cute title.

TracieClaiborne said...

Thanks all!!!! I appreciate the links! I make my 4x4's by doing a Picasa collage. I'll try to do a tutorial about it.

TracieClaiborne said...

Brenda - I made a tutorial for printing 4x4's and it will be on my blog tomorrow!

Heather said...

I think the topsy turvy title letters perfectly emphasize that look of mild trepidation on her face in the middle photo. Great layout! I love the clean lines and happy colors, and I totally agree that this is something you and she will be glad you scrapped when she's 30.

I just want to say that I have SO been enjoying the ScrapGals podcast. I began listening this past weekend, and you and Tiffany have kept me company on my commute to and from work every day. I feel like I have two new friends that love scrapbooking as much as I do, and that is a fantastic feeling.

Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to see (hear?) what you come up with next!

TracieClaiborne said...

Thank you Heather!!!!!!