Tuesday, April 22, 2014

some things never change...thankfully

Easter Sunday we went to my Aunt Betty's house (my Mom's sister).
Most of my memories of Easter dinners and egg hunts are at Aunt Betty's house.
I'm positive there's never been an Easter Sunday in my lifetime that my Aunt Betty didn't cook and have people over.

Here's a picture of me in Aunt Betty's yard, on Easter, when I was one. That's my cousin Rhonda in the red shirt...

Now here I am at Aunt Betty's, on Easter, at age two...(on the left)...

Here's a group shot of some of my cousins and me, same day...Easter 1972.

Now, flash forward 41 years, here's Uncle John, still taking pictures on Easter by the same trees, just as he took the pictures above.
My sister is on the far right in the picture above and on the far left in the picture below. I love that girl.

Now there's are houses across the street. Now the kids are his great grandbabies and my cousins are grandmothers!! Weird!
Remember my cousin in the red shirt at the top of this post? This is her grandbaby! Time flies.
I took these pictures of my uncle taking pictures because he and my Dad had a similar camera and seeing him with that camera reminded me so much of my Dad. My Dad took the best pictures with his camera, which I now own but do not know how to use.
We used to run around that tree growing up. It was once their Christmas tree. Now it stretches to the sky.
Caroline loves her baby cousins and loves going to Aunt Betty's house on Sundays, just as I did.
Another thing that never changes is that my aunt cooks a big meal every Sunday and especially on holidays, there is a wide variety of desserts!
And she still buys old school Easter eggs, just like we hunted when I was little...

Here I am eating one and holding another. You can see the plastic wrap around the one in my left hand.
I'm so glad I have this, even though my eyes are closed.
By the way, these were just the pictures I had handy from slides I've scanned that were my aunt's.
My entire childhood is on slides. I don't remember if I have other Easters in pictures or not.
After a few years of taking great pictures, my Dad picked up another hobby...golf. We didn't have many pictures after that.

Today I'm thankful for pictures, family, holidays and things that never change.


Unknown said...

You were such a cutie, especially in that pink outfit! It was great to read about your family's tradition, I loved it. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Michelle said...

Slides were the thing back then. I took the slides my mother had and scanned them. I printed all the photos of my brother and gave her those in a CM pocket album they had. So fun seeing these and reading about your Easter traditions.

Tiffany Lowder said...

What a cutie! I think you need to scrapbook those asap!!!!

Unknown said...

Your Easter outfit KILLS me, so stinking cute!

Erica said...

How fun! I love the fact that you guys are still taking pictures in the same place. My grandparents moved so my childhood home is not available. I would love to duplicate some of the shots of me as a kid with my son.

And the property looks gorgeous!