Monday, April 28, 2014

the wonder years

This week's ScrapGals Podcast is called "The Wonder Years" and it's all about scrapping your childhood.
I really feel motivated to break out some childhood pics after taping it a few weeks ago and then listening to it tonight.

I was looking at my gallery on TwoPeas for an older childhood page of mine to share and this was all I could find!
Wow. One layout done! So that only leaves 9,999 more to do. :)

This one is about my favorite dress but truthfully, I love this picture more than this layout and I think I have a lot more to say about this picture!
I'm thinking I might redo this layout! I love how I'm glancing in adoration at my cousin Rhonda.
I adored (and still adore) her and my sister who is at the far right. That might be the better story, actually.
I mean, yes, the layout's cute and all, but it doesn't tell the story!!
Why in the heck did I do so many layouts that really say nothing?
I have no clue. No more! I'm telling my story or I'll just use a photo album. Don't try and stop me. :)

I hope you enjoy the show. Here's a link to it on Podomatic or you can listen on iTunes or on this player...
I'm working on a project for someone early this week but I'm going to do my best to have some new childhood layouts up later this week.

See ya soon I hope!


Michelle said...

It is a cute page. I do like the papers you used. I have very few photos, and quite frankly, that is fine with me. It wasn't something I really want to remember.

ConnieC said...

Why redo it? I'd just flip it over and write my story on the back. I love finding surprises on the backs of photos. And my little girl is going to have to check the backs of my layouts to make sure there isn't more of the story back there.

Robin said...

I just love those 9x9 albums from Heidi Swapp! I also bought some on sale, and have used them for my December albums. I would be very interested in buying those albums from you!

Tiffany Lowder said...

You know me; I don't like the idea of redoing layouts. Could you add the rest of the story on some pull out journaling from the back of the layout? You know, let it stick out at the top with a label or something. I like the layout, but I agree that there's more of a story to tell.

Unknown said...

Oh, now! that is a cute page! and adorable photo. why not add the story on a companion page to go with the layout. You make a good point though about writing the story.

Lisa Echerd said...

Good for you doing some childhood photos. I've been doing several this year and it is wonderful to get these memories down. Great photo!