Thursday, May 22, 2014

creative live!

Confession time....I've spent hours and hours online this week while I let my dishes and laundry pile up.
I was watching Lain Ehmann on Creative Live and loving every minute of it!

Did you watch?
She had a two-day workshop all about "Starting with the Story" on Creative Live.
Since that is my mantra, I had to see what she was saying and it was awesome!
I love her laid back style of inspiration.

While I was watching, I made a happy little mini-album.
I finished it up last night but didn't get to take pictures so I will do that today and share it tomorrow.
It is my favorite project I've made to date!!!!!
It's inspired by our Pop Culture show and I'm just giddy about it.

In the meantime, catch Day 2 of Lain's workshop FREE again today by watching the re-broadcast at Creative Live.
Their site is a bit hard to navigate so here are specific directions...

Go to and click on the black button under "Craft and Maker."

It should pop right up! Do it! You'll love it! Trust me!
If you miss the beginning, it will cycle around one more time tonight. It starts at 9 am pacific, I believe which is 11 central (where I live).

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Tiffany Lowder said...

I only watched bits and pieces but agree that it was great. I plan on watching more Creative Live stuff while I'm off this summer.