Monday, May 19, 2014

scrapbooking Pop Culture

This week's ScrapGals podcast is all about Pop Culture! 
It's a really fun show and one of our longest at an hour and a half. I share my most embarrassing story of all time which is quite a riot!
As I listened to the show, I typed up a list of ideas we discuss to document Pop Culture. To my surprise, it added up to 100 ways!

I hope this list will inspire you to start scrapbooking some of these things!

100 Ways to Scrapbook Pop Culture
(Make a layout or mini-album on any of these topics!)

1)            How you get music today vs. how you got it growing up (download vs. record store)
2)            What you listen to music on vs. growing up (boom box, big ole stereo vs. mp3 player)
3)            Your favorite music now – specific artist or favorite songs
4)            Your favorite music growing up (find images of record or CD covers online)
5)            Favorite music apps: Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc. – your playlist
6)            Your current music collection of CD’s or records with a picture of it
7)            The first 8-track, record, cassette or CD you ever got
8)            Today’s pop stars/rock stars vs. pop stars growing up
9)            Your pop star crush growing up
10)         Your favorite singer or band
11)         Your favorite genres of music
12)         Your favorite dance song, party song, song to relax to, sad song, romantic song, etc.
13)         Your favorite song RIGHT NOW and why you love it
14)         Songs you sing to your child
15)         The music your parents loved and listened to
16)         Christmas music you listened to growing up
17)         Favorite Christmas music
18)         Music that comforts you
19)         Your earliest memory of music
20)         Memories of singing growing up or not being able to/wanting to
21)         Disney records & books or other childhood recorded books from childhood
22)         Favorite music from any era: 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc.
23)         Your  favorite pop or rock ballads
24)         A song that transports you to another place and time and the story behind it
25)         The song you would sing if you auditioned for American Idol
26)         Favorite TV show or shows growing up
27)         Favorite classic shows you still love
28)         How you watch TV now (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) vs. how you watched growing up
29)         Shows you watched after school
30)         Top-ten favorite movies
31)         Movies you could watch over and over
32)         Favorite songs from movies
33)         Favorite tv theme songs
34)         Quotes you love from movies or TV
35)         Right Now: the shows you love this season
36)         Your dream job
37)         Favorite movie when you were a teen
38)         Man-Candy: favorite movie hunks
39)         Disney’s Frozen and how your kid loves it (if you are a Mom)
40)         Your children’s favorite movies (if you are a Mom)
41)         The first movie you ever saw in a theater
42)         Favorite movie star
43)         Favorite character in a movie or TV show
44)         People you know that look or sound like celebrities
45)         The quintessential voices of our time, i.e. James Earl Jones
46)         Favorite funny commercials (screen shots would work well for this)
47)         Favorite book or author
48)         Books you would read over and over
49)         Favorite book or book series growing up
50)         Title a layout: I’m my happiest _____________________ (I said “in a bookstore”).
51)         Title a layout: “________________ is such a huge part of who I am.”
52)         What makes a great book to you
53)         Favorite non-fiction books and fiction (side by side on a page)
54)         Favorite character from a book and why you admire them
55)         Favorite celebrities
56)         Biggest celebrity crush
57)         A time you saw a celebrity in person
58)         Story of Prince William and Kate and their baby
59)         Favorite toys growing up
60)         Toys you still own from your childhood
61)         Your child’s favorite toys growing up
62)         Entertainment/toys: you vs. your child at the same age and what you played with
63)         Favorite video games
64)         Toys that you and your child both played with (Little People, Barbies, etc.)
65)         Toys your parents played with
66)         A toy your parent made you
67)         Favorite fashion trends of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s (whatever era you have lived through)
68)         My style: defined
69)         Clothes you’re most comfortable in
70)         A style icon you relate to and want to dress like (pics of you in similar outfits)
71)         Fashion trends from your teen years
72)         Your daughter or son’s style
73)         Your tattoo or a tattoo you want
74)         Your views on tattoos – how prevalent they are in society now vs. back in the day
75)         Social media you use and how it benefits or detracts from your life
76)         Recent images from Instagram all together
77)         Favorite tweets or FB quotes from you or people you know or celebrities
78)         How we communicate today vs. how we used to communicate (letters, cards)
79)         How technology has added to or detracted from your life
80)         Your rules for technology in your life or your family
81)         A snapshot of your favorite websites and blogs to remember how they looked
82)         Snapshots of your phone, computer, iPad, etc. so you will remember 20 years from now
83)         Your phone now vs. your phone growing up
84)         Prank calling
85)         Calling a boyfriend growing up and a story about that
86)         Using a phone book vs. Googling and how life has changed
87)         A list of things you’ve Googled this month
88)         What would we do without the internet? How life was different before “the net.”
89)         The delights of owning a smart phone – ode to my iPhone, etc.
90)         The delights of having a camera we carry everywhere with us (phone)
91)         Your kid’s favorite websites (Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, etc.) and screenshots of them
92)         Favorite selfies
93)         Oscar selfie story (broke Twitter)
94)         Group selfie of you and your friends and a story about selfies
95)         Slang we use today vs. slang you used growing up
96)         Favorite slang sayings you say now, i.e. “You are the bomb dot com!”
97)         Funny texts you screen shot
98)         Things we say every day that we got from a TV show (yada, yada, yada)
99)         Funny catchphrases that are unique to you
100)     Pop Culture: a collage of some of your favorite Pop Culture icons mixed together

I'll be back Tuesday with a layout about my "Must See TV" but for now....if you have a comment specifically about this episode, be sure to visit our new website and leave us feedback! You can find it at

Have a wonderful week!


Tegan said...

Awesome ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

emily said...

I really love so many of these topic ideas. I'd like to use some and pair them with my childhood photos to document little memories that would otherwise be overlooked. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

great list and ideas! TFS

Tiffany Lowder said...

I can't believe we talked about all of these page ideas in one show! Go us! Woot, woot! Now, I just need to go make like 83 of them. ;)

Jennifer Grace said...

Wow so many cool ideas! I would love to scrapbook about the movies I loved growing up, movies were much more my thing than music. I am transported back to my youth watching certain films! Thanks for all the inspiration! x

Fawn said...

Great list! I'm sure it will be a lot of fun to compile these topics. Thanks for the inspiration!

Michelle said...

Wow! What a list you two came up with!! There are so many good ones! Definitely need to photograph the technology today for the kids to remember. Funny when my younger two are asking about stuff like that from years ago, and it either didn't exist or had just come out (remember what the first cell phone looked like?). A handful of years back, Brit asked me about being on the internet and computer when I was a kid. She couldn't believe it wasn't around back then (the internet), and the only computer I touched was late in high school with the Apple 2e's and doing Oregon trail (the little bleep across the screen). LOL

Lisa Browning said...

I love this so much. I was having so many ideas for memories to scrapbook that I restarted the podcast and started taking notes. Then I have been watching Creative Live for two days. I haven't even compared my notes with your list of 100, but I can already see that I can come up with a lot more topics by writing down ideas that your list triggers. Wow! I really do love your podcasts. I'm starting to feel like such a fangirl. I might need to get out of the house more. LOL! (Speaking of LOL, that's a scrapbook page right there - Emoticons!)

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