Friday, May 02, 2014

things I tell myself

Today on the JBS Mercantile Blog, they're featuring this crazy country girl I!
I thought I'd share the layout here with a close-up so you can read the journaling.

It's one of my favorite layouts I've done, not for the design but for the story it tells.
When I saw the stencil with the speech bubbles, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
I think in the "start with the story" category, this is a winner because this is the real me.
These are the things that go round and round in my mind.
I'm sure this will not surprise any of you but I am new to using stencils! This was the second one I used for the kit.
I was intimidated by it but I had an idea and just went for it! I knew I needed a thick dark font and a fairly light ink.

To begin, I traced the stencil onto a piece of printer paper and kind of got an idea of how I wanted them to look.
Then I measured each speech bubble and in Word, I made a text box the same size, in the same place on the page.
I actually taped my template onto my screen with a post-it note and then I was able to move the boxes around to be in the right spot because I could see them behind the paper, on the screen. I zoomed my screen to 105% view and that made it the same size as my actual paper.

Once I got them all in the right spot, I made all the outlines of the text boxes white, printed a copy and traced them all again to make sure they were correct.
Only the bottom right one was a bit high so I scooted that down in Word and traced them all again to be sure.

Next came the fun part. I practiced on a sheet of printer paper first and then I printed a copy on cardstock and went for it.
Using post-it notes to mask off the rest of the paper, I used a blending tool and Jenni Bowlin's Chicken Feed ink pad.
I varied the amount of pressure I used so they all wouldn't look the same. 
I had to turn the stencil over halfway through so all the speech bubbles would point the right way.
I just wiped it off with a wet one and dried it with a paper towel. I was kind of shocked I didn't mess it up!
I was so tickled pink by the end result!! I will definitely be using this again for something!
Even a card would be cute with this!

It's so funny how I made this out to be hard in my mind. It was so easy. The blending tool made it easy and fun.
I don't know how you would do it without that but if you don't own a blending tool and you do own stencils, I highly recommend getting one...

I hope you have a happy National Scrapbook Day tomorrow! Look for a bonus ScrapGals podcast!!


Michelle said...

This is so cool!!! I don't have very many stencils, but I should pull the few I have out. I kind of have forgotten about them.

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Woah! Great tutorial and I am so lifting this!

Teddi said...

holy moly what a lot of work to measure in order to type out your true to life thoughts! i say that cause i'm too lazy to use the computer for journaling. it's a really clever idea to use your real thoughts with the caption bubbles. i might scraplift it. now let's talk about how pretty you look in your photo, dear tracie