Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"13" mini-album (in progress)

Can I keep it real y'all?
When we taped this week's podcast, it was three weeks ago and I felt positive I could complete the album we're talking about in the show.
Then life just kind of came up and kicked me in the face!

A friend passed away and I felt no ounce of creativity coming out of me.
Then I had two huge work projects to complete and a conference to attend and sell product at.
My Mom has been struggling with an ongoing illness and today she went in the hospital for treatment.
All of that has kept me from creating or feeling creative.

Last night I sat down to finish this and worked on it for three hours and made a little progress.
So I thought I would just share it "in progress" and then when it's all done and I'm super happy with it, I'll share the completed version.

I always make the title page last so that's not done. This is using a Becky Higgins non-expandable mini-album with pockets.
I love the album size but I'm feeling a little stifled creatively using it. I guess it feels more like a glorified photo album than a scrapbook.
But you know - that's really okay because I wanted to use all of these photos.

So here's the introduction. This page is done except I'm looking for the perfect embellishment to go in the empty space of the bottom pic...
You know how sometimes you have to let a scrapbook project "percolate" in your mind until you know what to do?
I wasn't happy with the pages following this one and then I realized, "They need a title!!"
So I'm adding a title using a black box printed with white cursive print.
I guess on this one, I'll take off "you are so loved" and put "It's Your 13th Birthday!" as the title. Prolly move the sticker elsewhere.
This page also feels unfinished without a title. I'll put one under that yellow text box and move it up.
How awesome is it that this pack of Snap cards had a glasses one? Love!!!

Okay so those are the only pages completed! I told you I was keepin' it real! :)
Here are some of the rest, in progress.
I just have to add some journaling to this one on the blue at the top.
Gotta fill this card in and I think I'll add a new pic I just got of us in Atlanta. I don't like the bottom one.
This page is about her hobbies - making rainbow looms and archery. I'll just write all that on the yellow piece and be done.
The rest of these are pretty obvious! I just need to add journaling and then I'll embellish a bit at the end. 
I'm going to fill in the card below on the bottom right with an actual text.

 This one's gonna take a while - all about her homeschooling this year...
 Her celeb crushes!
 Gotta find paper to put on the right side of this.

 Our youth group....

There are a lot more pages but you get the idea!!!
Thanks for stopping by and I promise I will share the final project when it's done!!
I hope you are happily crafting this week!


Unknown said...

I really love all the bright colours! This is awesome :)

Unknown said...
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IAmMikki said...

You've done a great job with this album and your daughter is lucky to have all these great memories documented.

Melissa said...

Looks awesome so far! I can tell you're putting a lot of heart into this project. It will be beautiful no matter how it turns out. :)

Melissa said...

Looks awesome so far! I can tell you're putting a lot of heart into this project. It will be beautiful no matter how it turns out. :)

Unknown said...

I love this-I have a 12 yr old daughter I need to do this for. You've inspired me.

Leanne said...

I LOVE this mini and all the little details! especially the celeb crushes! so cute. *I'm so stealing this idea!* LOL!

Teddi said...

tracie, you created an album with the details i wish i had taken photos of when i was a teen. i'm sure caroline will treasure it. she is pretty, but you know she looks like you.