Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I am working my way through as many videos from the Two Peas You Tube channel as I possibly can this week, just in case they delete it.
I am finding that videos are giving me back my mojo!!!
Videos are so inspiring because after I watch someone make something - I look in the mirror and say, "Hey you!! You can do that!!!!"

You have to see this video by Stephanie Bryan. I looked at the images and I was like, "Oh, that's pretty."
Then I watched the video.
This is the bomb dot com.

Two words - journaling on a transparency. Okay that was four words.

You need to know...
After watching this, I'm only going to make 6x8 pages in an art journal.
After watching this, I'm going to make a tribute page to my Mom.
After watching this, I'm going to to the office supply store to buy transparencies.
After watching this, I'm going to buy a sewing machine.
After watching this, I'm going to cut 1" off a 6x8 pocket protector on the top and bottom.

Can you see how life-changing this is?

Watch this!!!!!!
Do it fast! It may be gone after Thursday. I hope not but it might.


Teddi said...

tracie, your word makes me laugh! i laugh because i understand. it's one of the best feelings when i discover things i want to make or do.

Unknown said...

beautiful page! I am hoping to get into my room tonight... also have a crop scheduled with my aunt for hte 26th :)
after hearing you girls talk about wanting to schedule something in your area today (yes I am a bit behind) I mapquested to see how far we were apart.. I suppose I have to admit that 10hours is too far to go for a crop & MAN ALIVE was I bummed!!

Unknown said...

Great video - LOVE the transparency idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing this!

IAmMikki said...

A friend of mine recommended www.clipconverter.cc which I used to save a few of the videos I just couldn't bare to lose. It does have pop-up/ads but I just clicked the X and went on downloading with no issues.