Monday, July 07, 2014

going back to the source

As we discuss in the podcast this week, my scrapbooking mojo has waned recently due to some personal crisis.
Before anyone worries about me, my Mom is doing very well and I'm back to feeling great about life but I still haven't scrapbooked.

In order to re-energize myself creatively, I decided to go back to my main source of inspiration.
I call it "my scrapbooking bible." It's "Clean and Simple" by Cathy Zielske.

I've only read half of it so far and I am feeling inspired again!!!
I look at her layouts and I am so drawn to them - they are brilliant in their simplicity.

I asked myself, "What is it about these layouts that really draws me to them and her style?"
After much consideration, I decided the answer is...
Clean and simple layouts do not look dated.

This book was written in 2004. Ten years ago! Ten years!
Most other idea books from that year are now collecting dust on my shelf or have long been given to Goodwill.
Techniques have changed. Styles have changed drastically to the point that I rarely like what I see from that era.

Cathy's work is the exception! Except for a few product choices we rarely use now (like metals) - the layouts are just as fresh 10 years later as the day they were made.

I have always been drawn to a style of scrapbooking (and decorating, for that matter) that would remain timeless.
It's important to me that something I'm putting a lot of work into will be something I love forever.
I would hate to look back through my completed albums and cringe. So I keep it simple. Clean and simple.
Thank you Cathy for sharing your smarts. I have poured over this book so many times, I could rewrite it myself without looking.

At times, I want every layout I make to be a carbon copy of hers and then sometimes mine seem too simple and I bore myself.
I begin to question myself. I say, "That wasn't hard enough." or "That didn't challenge you so it must not be very creative."

Then I remind myself, the truth is...I just know clean and simple. Cathy has influenced me so much that I took on elements of her style.

Scraplift of Cathy Zielske from May 2008

Now don't get me wrong...I enjoy and admire so many styles of scrapbooking.
I like to mix it up and try to incorporate different elements that I see others use while staying true to my own style.

But when I need to get back to basics, I always turn to Cathy and her brilliant design instruction.

There's a lot to be said for simplicity, great story telling and good design. No one does all that better than Cathy Z.
I'm feeling the mojo return already......stay tuned!

Here's a link to this week's podcast....The Mojo Show


Leanne said...

glad to hear your mum is doing ok! and I totally get you with the clean and simple. I hope inspiration comes rushing back to you..x

Barbara Eads said...

I tell my "students" all the time--it doesn't have to be so hard! There's nothing that kills motivation faster than thinking every page has to be some artistic masterpiece using ever;y embellishment you own, Of course, my classes are all about the story anyway---very much like Cathy's.

Teddi said...

tracie, i don't have clean & simple the original. instead, i have cathy z's clean & simple 2. i got it used from amazon last year. yes it was written in 2006, but it doesn't matter. it's good! her writing is signature. her blog continues to wow me. just like your podcasts. :)