Monday, July 28, 2014

monday, monday

Hello dear blog friend - I hope your Monday has been productive and wonderful!

I walked out of the house today and could not believe the weather! A cool breeze hit me as I stepped outside and it was sheer joy.
Yesterday was miserable - around 95. Today was a high of 82!
I stood under my favorite tree to catch the cool breezes and take this picture for you.

Here in the South, we're used to high 90's - low 100's in late July and here it is 7 pm on a Monday and it's around 79.
Yes, please - we'll take more of this and then some.

Yesterday, I was determined to be crafty so I sat down in my studio and cleaned off my desk.
How does my desk end up with so many piles? I do not know.

In the midst of cleaning, I came across two sets of Project Life cards I purchased recently. 
One was this Simple Stories Travel Set....
The other one was a Project Life themed cards pack called "Man's World." I got it on sale for about $2!
I was so excited to get this PL kit because I had hardly any gray or black and white cards. I love these!

So what started as the beginning to a crafty afternoon turned into a 3-4 hour organizing session.
(That will not surprise anyone, I'm sure.)
The new Project Life cards wouldn't fit into my container so I ended up going through all I owned and purging my duplicates.

Here's what I ended up purging...
Just a few of each color and each theme I had in my bin. 
I'm thinking I will sell these - just not sure for how much yet.

Ironically, I purged while listening to this week's show which just happens to be about....yep, purging. 
Have you listened yet? Here's a link in case you need it!  I laughed out loud multiple times as I listened. I hope you will too.
If I can make you laugh - my work here is done. 

Now I'm watching Master Chef but after that, I plan to get back to my desk and take my own advice to


BreeTheFlea said...

Your house is beautiful and your lawn is so green... any tips? ha ha ha.

I did listen to your podcast, it is my new Monday morning treat . I just purged all my DCWV glittery paper stacks (to my kids it didn't go far), I hate glitter paper (nothing sticks to it) and now I have space for the new stuff I've been buying like crazy.

Those Project Life cards are really cute.

TracieClaiborne said...

ha! No tips! We are a low-maintenance yard family. We barely have shrubs and we desperately need mulch. I think we've had a lot of rain this year.

I hate glitter paper too!

Unknown said...

beautiful home & lawn! I love organizing my supplies, always inspires me to scrap.

Michelle said...

Tracie, your home is pretty. Your temps are typical summer temps up here, but usually just in July and August (though some years earlier). Our "typical" summers are few and far between these days/years. Winters are longer and much more colder, and summers are shorter. I am a summer/outdoorsy person.

On another note, I actually bought for the first time ever, some project life type products. My friend and I found a scrapbook store!! In Green Bay, WI on the way home from Door County. Oh, you have no idea how nice it was to peruse... even though older product and only a few mfrs, it was nice.

Tiffany Lowder said...

Look at you sharing another purge! Dang, I feel pressured to organize or purge something, but I'd much rather make a page. (Typical, right?) The peer pressure is killin' me! Hahaha!

Linda P said...

Project Life Midnight Kit is full of black & gray!..said Linda the enabler ;p when I got my pl kits I went through them and gave half to my daughter who is just starting out in scrapbooking, or I should say...smashbooks!