Friday, July 25, 2014

my beloved books

Hello dear blog friend - did you have a fun Friday?
Isn't Friday the best day of the week? I think so. It's so full of possibility for the weekend ahead.
If you have plans or plan to stay at home - just the thought of doing as you please is always happy.

Thankfully, I do as I please most days although I do have to fit my work in there somewhere.

I am writing this late Friday night but earlier today, I was sitting on the couch in the den and looked over at my stack of beloved books.
I thought I would tell you about them because they are so delightful.

I brought these down from where I had them piled in a corner of my bedroom, waiting to be perused before bed.
They had gotten so dusty, I had to vacuum them off! They are too delightful to be dusty so I brought them to the den.
I have collected books like this for 23 years. Since I got married and moved into my own home, I've loved anything related to decorating.
I've bought and given away so many books like this I can't even tell you but these I have kept for a long while.
They are my favorites!

I love to take these big heavy books and snuggle on the sofa, all cozied up, and see how the truly stylish people live.
Of course now I find home inspiration on Pinterest but there's really nothing like a wonderful book.

This is my favorite in the stack...
It is chock full of tablescaping ideas and other inspiring bits about how to make your home homier!

This is a favorite room in the book, "Garden Style"....
Look at that carpet! And the tole trays on the wall. What about the color? Delightful, isn't it?
I have a black tole tray table. It is one of my favorite possessions.

I love the pictures all in a row in this and the yellow walls...
Reminds me of my own vintage botanicals in my Living Room...
This is from another book in the stack - look at this wall of beautifulness!
That makes me want to just start putting white things all together on a wall until I've filled in every space!
In my beloved books there are oh so many lovely things to look at and so much inspiration!

Speaking of baby girl was so pretty this week. I declared it "Caroline Day" and we went to the mall.
I worked 12 hours the day before so I decided she deserved a day with me that was all about her!
She was so happy and cute I had to take a picture of her with my real camera. I'm trying to get it out more.
I hope you have a happy Saturday my blog reading friend. May your weekend be full of chocolate and sunshine!


Michelle said...

Love your books. My day was filled with returning from another road trip. A much shorter road trip... to my friend, Melanie's, Thurs. afternoon. Friday morning bright and early we left for Door County (that little peninsula area of WI) for the day. Cherry picking up there for tart cherries has just started. We even found a scrappy store!!! :) Got up and out the door early this morning and headed for home. It's a 3-3.5 hr drive home.

TracieClaiborne said...

Cherry picking and scrapbook store sounds fun!

Tiffany Lowder said...

Gorgeous pics & stories - love!

Teddi said...

you're such a good mom! what a fun thing to do with your daughter. i can see how the your real life home is just like your decorating books. :)