Wednesday, July 30, 2014

my favorite teacher: martha stewart

Hello dear blog friend. I hope your week is going well so far! 
I'm feeling very domestic lately which gets me to thinking about the queen of domesticity. Yep, you guessed it...Martha Stewart.

On Saturdays, I love to watch "Martha Bakes" on PBS. It reminds me of her original show, filmed in her home.
here Martha and Ina Garten set a table together

I LOVED THAT SHOW. Love, love, love, love, loved it. I still do.

I used to record it every day on VHS and I had a library of all the shows in plastic cases.
I typed an index for the cases so I could quickly find the show I wanted to watch. (Tiffany would say, "Of course you did.")
Mainly I did that if there was a specific recipe or craft I wanted to make - I could pop the tape in and watch.

This was all before I found scrapbooking. I think it was from 1998 to 2001. 
I was as obsessed with Martha then as I am with memory keeping now. 
As my sister says, "I do everything full-force." Yes I do, dear sister...thank you for pointing that out on Facebook recently.

I remember watching her make pom-pom animals and wanting to run to the craft store. (I love anything tiny and cute.)

I did attempt more cooking then than I do now but I never really caught the cooking bug from Martha.
I guess I caught the crafting bug because soon after that show ended, I started scrapbooking and never looked back!

Some of you reading this are thinking, "I hate Martha!" and some of you are agreeing with me.
People either love her or hate her. 
I truly love her way of teaching. She explains things in a way that I understand and I usually remember.

For instance, last Saturday, she made brownies with Spelt flour and she explained what Spelt flour is.
I don't recall ever hearing about Spelt flour before but now that she's told me, I will remember. I just remember what Martha says.

From those years of watching her show and the tapes over and over, I can tell you how to cook things I would never attempt to cook.
I still know how to paint, garden, craft, carve a pumpkin the right way and more, just because I paid attention to how she did it.
She explains everything so clearly. She is an excellent teacher.

It's not that I even attempted to do many of the things she did but maybe because my own mother rarely showed me how to do anything domestic, I came to love Martha like a mother. I am grateful to her for teaching me so much I needed to know. I was still a relatively young wife when I found her and I grew in my taste and style. 

Isn't this a beautiful face? I just enjoy her. 

I know she has been widely reported to be a perfectionist and a taskmaster but guess what? I am both of those too sometimes so I cut her slack.
If I met her in person, I wouldn't expect her to be warm and cuddly. That does not matter to me one whit.
She is a strong, successful business woman that made homemaking appealing again. 
I don't think even the scrapbook industry would be where it is without her influence.
Her team and her show opened minds to the world of crafting. 

So many of the trends we see in home decor or in DIY - she did them first because I remember watching her do them.
I just love her style. She's really been a great influence in my life.

I have lots of her books (including her first one) and some of her magazines. 
I don't love the magazine as much as her show because I love hearing her talk.

When her current show came on, it was full of celebrities and it just lost the sparkle. It is not the same.
I don't watch it. I just loved her, in her home, sharing all the things that make life wonderful.

I miss that show. My VCR is broken or I would pop those tapes in right now and get a Martha fix!
I do have a few DVD's that are compilations of those shows - I guess I'll get those out. 

I'm thankful I can enjoy seeing her bake on Saturdays and continue to learn and be inspired by her!
I probably need to make a scrapbook page about her and how she has influenced me! Hmmm...yes I should.

Have a lovely day dear blog friend! 


Unknown said...

I need to take organizational lessons from you :)

Michelle said...

I never caught the Martha bug. My crafting and organizing, DIY'ing came from the HGTV network. I also enjoyed watching the food network. I love Ina. I have a couple of her cookbooks and make recipes from them. I have LOTS of cookbooks and magazines. And now with Pinterest, a ton of printed recipes. It is something that needs to be reigned in and reorganized again. I made homemade cherry pie filling yesterday... thank you Pinterest. :)

BreeTheFlea said...

My 7 year old LOVES Ina Garten. She gets so excited when we have a new episode on the DVR. Thanks for reminding me I was going to make a page about that. I never got into Martha Stewart but I wonder if any of her books are at the library... I'll have to check.

Unknown said...

I used to enjoy watching her, too!! Never taped it but I remember how wonderful her house & gardens looked & I loved how organized she is.

Teddi said...

tracie, what a sweet tribute to martha. you have such a way of sharing yourself in a delightful way. :) it was like we learned more about how you with how you admired or looked up to her.

Tiffany Lowder said...

I'm waiting for a scrapbook page about Miss Martha! :)