Thursday, July 03, 2014

the personal connection

I found out one week ago that my home away from home, Two Peas in a Bucket, was closing.
It was hard to process the news and I wanted to blog about it but I had to have a little space from it before I could write about it.
I was talking to a friend today about Two Peas closing and we were sharing our opinions.
During our conversation, I had an a-ha moment revelation about one way that Two Peas went wrong.

Think of your favorite scrapbooker or blogger...I'll use Ali Edwards as an example.
Pretend for a moment that, like me, you are inspired by Ali, love to read her blog, see her work and follow her life.
What is it about Ali Edwards that makes you interested in her?

Well, she's super cool and laid-back, creative and talented. You just can't help but be inspired by what she has to say.
It's fun to see her kids, her house, her studio, her life, her cutie-pie boyfriend and especially anything she puts on a page.

But when it comes down to it, I follow Ali because I like HER. It's not just her work that inspires me. It's her as a person.
Over the 10 years I've been following Ali, I've come to know her through her work and I feel a personal connection to her.

Now, consider Two Peas. I loved going there and chatting on the message boards and seeing what the Garden Girls designed.
I loved shopping there and looking at all the other Peas' work in the gallery.
I loved reading their blog and just being a part of such a fun place.
I did NOT however, feel a personal connection to the owners of Two Peas, Jeffrey and Kristina. I wanted to, but I did not.

After 12+ years of being at Two Peas - I realized today, I know very little about either of them or their life!
It made me wonder if they would still be open if they were more personally involved in the message boards, Garden or blog.

I wonder if they had started a thread every week about scrapbooking if fewer people would have felt like it was okay to openly criticize them.
(Think about it....people don't openly criticize someone like Ali on her blog. If they do - I don't see it.)
If they were visible on the boards...if their presence was felt....would it have caused people to be more loyal in their spending?
If you think about it, the "face" of Two Peas was really the Garden Girls, Glitter Girl and the Peas themselves.

I am trying to remember how it was in the beginning. When I first started visiting Two Peas in 2002, Kristina did post on the message boards.
Then she contributed to the Garden, posted a few pics on the blog and unless I'm wrong - that was it.
I never saw her on the message boards. Maybe she's not that chatty by nature? More of an introvert?

I recently found her on Instagram and after looking through her pictures, felt like I knew more about her from there than her own site.
I loved it when she shared her work...she is a super talented human being. I loved her videos. I wanted more of that.
I guess the pressures of the business kept her from creating and sharing more. I can certainly understand that!

In the end, I wish like crazy there had been more of a personal connection to J&K because I think it might have helped.
I believe Two Peas became a faceless entity and we scrapbookers are all about personal connections.
It's the core of who we are and what we do.

I already miss Two Peas so much. Nothing can really replace something you have gone to every day for 12+ years.
Perhaps I'm over-analyzing things a bit much. I tend to do that when things don't make sense to me.
I'm trying to make sense out of the fact that in 7 days, Two Peas will be gone forever. I have tears just writing that!

R.I.P. Two Peas in a Bucket. You will always hold a special place in my heart and so will your owners.
I am sad that I didn't get the chance to know them personally like I did the hundreds of Peas I now call friends.


Unknown said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was so sad when Spotted Canary shut down. I really missed all the team I help build. It's also sad to see so many people on Splitcoast Stampers selling all their craft stash. Just sad..

KristanG said...

You are absolutely right! People "buy" the salesperson before they buy the product and that was not there. I think you have pointed something out that no one else has said... brilliant!

(Scrap Girlie)

Janeen said...

So where will the next connection/gallery site be to keep updated on everyone ? Good post right on target.

Ashley Calder said...

2Peas will always hold a special place in my heart. I am not being dramatic when I say that finding 2Peas changed my life... I never scrapbooked before I saw the 2Peas gallery, and that place of inspiration got me started and I've never looked back!

angie said...

I could hardly believe it and I felt so bereft. where was I going to go that would take the place of 2peas? I did find the refupeas and so far it has helped immensely!

Janet said...

I also miss Two Peas but I was more of a lurker than a poster. It was the first place I went to get opinions on all things scrapbooking. I was really sad the first few days but then I landed in another place. The forums that were started by Paperclipping is a great place and I believe a lot of the Peas landed there. Noell and Izzy are frequent posters and since I have been a Paperclipping member for quite a while, it's comfortable there. You should try the forum. You might find a new home.
Also Tracie - wanted to let you know that I love the Scrap Gals podcast. I look forward to a new one every week, I feel like I am part of a girlfriends conversation with you and Tiffany. Keep them coming!!

Unknown said...

Tracie, I thought the EXACT same thing when I was trying to make sense of it. People want to like and know who they're buying from these days, and it hit me that I hadn't seen any real interaction between Pea and Geek on the site for years now.

I've been feeling lost too. After being a a Two Peas message board addict for 14 years, it's hard to uproot so quickly. :/

Barbara Eads said...

I'm more concerned about the industry in general. First it was the independent stores, now it's the online stores. I hate to say it, but it seems like scrapbooking is dying a slow death. I hate it. But think about all the people we knew who scrapbooked back in the day. There's just a handful left. I know from my own groups---they tell me if it weren't for my monthly clubs, they wouldn't be doing anything. It's just so sad. I miss all of you that I used to see regularly. Scrapbooking was the one thing that kept us coming from all over town.

Teddi said...

tracie, i never thought about it, but i think you're right! what you're saying makes a lot of sense. 2peas was inspirational, but i didn't feel personally connected to it. yes, i already miss its presence.