Thursday, August 21, 2014

art journal pages

Hello my dears,

I have been a bit MIA because I had a little accident! I was at my friend's cabin in the mountains Monday night and since I have been there so often and know it so well, I thought I could make it down the stairs without turning a light on. Wrong!! I missed the bottom step and down I went. I hit my head pretty hard and my tailbone took the worst of it. It ain't pretty - let me tell ya! I've been in bed for two days with lots of bruises.

I did manage to get up for a bit last night and play. I was longing for my markers and watercolors so I pulled them out to make a page. I watched this awesome watercoloring tutorial before sitting down to play and I was amazed by how much her instruction helped me!!

I highly recommend watching that if you are at all interested in watercoloring. (Click and watch on You Tube - it's huge there and you'll be able to see much better what she's doing.) I've watched many videos on it and this is the one that made it click for me. She is using distress markers but I used the same techniques with regular watercolors. (By the way, I now want to buy tons of distress markers! You can use them like watercolors!)

The best tip she gave was to wet a small area completely and then fill in with color and the color will stay within the area you carefully went over first. She shows a transfer method for tracing an image but I just used a very light distress ink stamp pad and stamped my image.

After watching the video, I looked in my stamp drawer for an image I could color in and found this bird. Perfect! Then I thought about what I could say with the word "bird" in it and I thought about how when I'm with Tiffany, I feel so free and as a bird! So I made this page in honor of my time with Tiff-Tiff.

I used a Stampin Up brush marker to make the word bird and I don't like it that much but I just used it anyway because I had already stamped and watercolored the bird. I have a bit of gray under the bird to ground him but I don't think you can see it in this photo. I made my printing a little messy just 'cause I was not that concerned about it being perfect and then I put a skinny orange border around it and called it done. I may add the word "Tiffany" above it but probably this is done.

I also watercolored this image I had started last week. I had a freaky moment one day when I went out driving and literally everywhere I looked, I saw the trees for the first time with a variety of colors. It was like someone took the blinders off my eyes and I truly saw nature as God painted it. It was an amazing moment! So I made this page to remember that moment.
I am still learning about watercoloring and not very good at it yet but I will get there! Still testing pens and practicing my lettering every day! I just bought a copic marker to try writing with the brush side and I also bought a calligraphy pen and ink well. I can't wait to play with them tonight!

I have more journal pages to share but they need to be completed. Will try to do that tonight. I have two journals going right now. One is horizontal pages from a mixed media pad (nature) and the other (bird) is 6x8 watercolor pad paper and it's a bit harder to do my lettering on but takes watercolor better. I bought two more mixed media pads at Michaels because they are buy one, get one free this week!

I hope you're enjoying your week and feeling great about life! I will as soon as my tushie heals! :)

See you soon my friend!


Tracy said...

So sorry about your mis-step Tracie, I hope you heal up quickly.
Your projects are beautiful

Unknown said...

OUCH!! hope you heal quickly!

cute stuff, you girls are so much braver than I am, I won't even try.

Teddi said...

so sorry about your fall. ouch! i'mm delighted to see what you've been creating.

bernii miller said...

Sorry to hear about your fall!! That would have hurt a lot:( your pages look amazing though!!