Friday, August 08, 2014

creative field trip

Hello Friend!

Is it hot or what? Oh my word, I walked outside this week and when I came back in, I needed to be wrung out like a big fat sponge. We've had such a mild summer so far, I kind of forgot what the 90's feel like. Hoping it's cooler where you live or at least less humid!

This week, I wanted some new drawing pencils and Micron pens so I grabbed my camera and headed to Hobby Lobby. I always see one million things I love in Hobby Lobby but it's not the same shopping without a friend so sharing these pics will kind of be like you were there with me! 

Because my newest obsession is hand lettering, I couldn't help but notice that everywhere I looked - there was hand lettering in Hobby Lobby!! 

Check this this me or what? I say this all the time! I don't like the colors but I drool over that design.

I actually already have a sign that says this hanging in my kitchen but I love the writing on it.

Can't think of where one would hang this but I love the lettering, especially the word "darling"...

This isn't my favorite font but I love the drawing and something about this seems so doable!

I don't think this is hand lettered but these fonts look like hand lettering so they are good to look at for a reference!

Love this!! I could do that Merry better than they did - the r's are very strange! Doesn't this seem like something you could make?

This is super fantabulous the bees knees right here. MUST OWN THIS but I was using my coupon on something else. 

I always feel bad about my inconsistency in writing but look at the cursive on this! It's not the same slant! LOL!

This seems like the beginning of something no one ever finished but I like the writing! 

There's even hand lettering to be found in the scrapbooking aisle! 
That Home Sweet Home and Enjoy the Ride make my heart go pitter-patter.

I also saw this great book I want to get it soon with a was $24.99.

Here are some other things that inspired me while I was there.
The color scheme in this picture - oh Mylanta!

I wish I could draw and paint that turkey!

And wantie.
So fall and sweet.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all that! I kept thinking someone from Hobby Lobby might ask why I was taking pictures but they never did. Whew! 

I'm so excited 'cause we're getting a Hobby Lobby one mile from my house! It's not going to be good for my wallet but it will be good for my soul! Here's how it looks exciting!! It will be my new "happy place."

That's all I got folks. Hope my creative field trip inspired you! Have a blessed Friday!


BreeTheFlea said...

You are making me wish I had stopped at the Hobby Lobby on my mini-road trip last weekend. It's 2 hours away and brand new and for some reason I decided not to go. What was I thinking?

Enjoy your new stuff, what did you buy with your coupon?

TracieClaiborne said...

Oh no!!!! I bought a set of Micron pens which is what I went for. :) This weekend I'm going again and I'll probably get that book or maybe the Christmas thing because that will sell fast I think. Everytime I see a Christmas goodie I want, it's gone before I can snag it! :)

Michelle said...

I was just at Hobby Lobby the other day. Nearest one.. eastern edge of the Twin Cities 20 miles away. I saw that kitchen sign - Mom's kitchen that you posted. I wanted to get it, but I have nowhere to hang it.

It has been sunny and dry (as in no rain). Temps about 81, but humid. You can just sit there and get all sweaty. But, I am really enjoying it. Snow starts flying in these parts in October with temps eventually hitting well below zero by Dec. - Jan. So sad. The only semi warm month this year is this month. I miss the old days of a warm summer all three months. Makes having to deal with the bitter cold a bit easier.

Unknown said...

I love everything typography, lettering, hand lettering, type, letters, words, sentiments. *drool*

Unknown said...

Did you find out if they are going to close the Rivergate store?

KristanG said...

That was what I was thinking... what did you buy with your coupon??
Glad you answered it!