Tuesday, August 12, 2014

midnight update

Hello my friend!

It's Monday at midnight as I write this. Ella is singing in the background about "Autumn in New York" and I'm thinking I'm happy to be out of the summer rainstorm I just experienced! 

Earlier today, I went out to have dinner with my family. The rain started coming down just as I got in the car and by the time I got to the restaurant, it was a full monsoon but it slackened as we ate. After dinner, I walked to the car and at that very moment, the sky let loose and I got completely soaked even with an umbrella!! My back and the legs of my jeans were so wet I looked like I had just gotten off The Grizzly River Rampage (a ride I rode growing up). 
We were expected at a TV show taping and had committed to being there so although I was soaked from head to toe, we went to the studio and I sat there for two hours sloshing against the back of the seat and shivering in the overly cold air conditioning. The show was awesome and I loved hearing the singing and all the great speakers but my teeth chattered the whole time! 
When I got home, my back and underwear were still soaked! I crawled into dry pajamas but now my throat is feeling scratchy. 

Sure was a big change from yesterday when the sun blazed down until we could barely bear it! Caroline had a friend over after church and they got out the Slip 'n Slide.
She ran in the house asking me to take her picture. She said, "This is a moment that will never come again!" I dutifully went outside with my camera to catch this and other cute moments. :)
14 but still my baby!

This weekend Tiffany and I had a fun Saturday out! We hit a town about an hour away for a day of shopping. We went to the big three; Joann, Michaels and Hobby Lobby plus the scrapbook store. I do have a picture of us there but it's on her camera and she hasn't sent it to me. Here's a pic I grabbed of the new Heidi Swapp stuff at Michaels! It was all delightful but I talked myself out of buying any of it! 
Here's a shocking statement. I've made a decision to try and not buy any more scrapbook supplies this year. Gasp! I know, right!!!? I just have too much stuff to keep buying, plus I'm paying off our Disney trip which is due in full in about one month. 

I'm pretty enthralled with art supplies right now so I'll get my fix by buying those! This weekend I bought a flat paint brush, a watercolor pad and a new Pitt calligraphy marker which I do NOT like. It's not juicy enough. My favorite is my Zig calligraphy pen which I will be talking about next week when our show comes out about Art Journaling.

I am still super excited about hand lettering. I wake up thinking about it and dream about it all night!! It's hard to even blog because I'm so brimming with excitement about my art journaling that I want to share it but I'm going to wait until our show is up next Sunday. .

Have you heard this week's show about summer? I intend to work on a few summer layouts this week if I can get my mind off art journaling and back on to scrapping. I think I'll watch a few videos by Nancy Damiano...that always inspires me!

Gotta get to bed. The Comcast cable man is coming in the morning at 10 am! We have not had cable TV for two weeks! I've got a lot of shows to catch up on...Master Chef, Food Fighters, Extreme Weight Loss and Last Comic Standing to name a few. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! Toodle-oodie-fruitti!


Michelle said...

So fun that Caroline still loves the slip n slide. Brit has outgrown that one.

We had a heavy rain storm over night Sunday night. Much needed. Not much rain these days and things are gettin' dry. No fun sitting in a chilly room when you are soaked.

I haven't bought too much scrappy stuff in the last, oh 18 mo. or more. I miss the true scrapbook stores. The three big box places are 30 min away. So, I don't hit them too much. They just don't have anything that really jumps out at me.

We haven't had satellite TV for about 7 yrs. Not a Comcast fan. I do miss a few of the food network shows and a few HGTV ones. But otherwise, it's all good. Netflix has been great.

Unknown said...

I did some more scrapping on Sunday & marathon listening to you gals! resisting listening to the newest release until I can get back into my room.

I tend to shop in spurts, putting myself on a freeze for fall I believe.

Teddi said...

tracie, i hope your scratchy throat is feeling better. my teeth would've been chattering from that soaking adventure too. caroline is right though, next year she might think she's too grown up for the slip n slide. i'm so glad you like creative lettering. it's one of my faves. i'd rather do my titles with that, than use stickers. nancy d was one of my fave garden girls, so whooo hoo. :)

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