Monday, August 25, 2014

monday 8/25

Hello dear blog friend!

I can never decide what my post title should be so I decided to just put the date. I'm in an unoriginal mood, I suppose. :)

I hope your weekend was delightful! My husband was out of town for a gig so I was kind of worthless and vegged on the couch watching "Once Upon a Time" and "Wings" on Netflix. I'm really getting hooked on "Once Upon a Time!" Caroline and I are watching and we're up to Season 2, Episode 3. I've tried watching before but this time I started closer to the beginning and I understood it a lot more. Right now, I'm very worried about Pinocchio turning to wood and if he'll be okay. I guess I'll find out soon! 

Other than the binge TV watching, I did sit at my desk for hours, practicing my lettering. I made this art journal page...
These are things I always say and they make me laugh. Tiffany said, "Why didn't you make a layout about that?"
I said, "What would the picture be? There's not one!"
This is why I'm digging art journaling - there's no need to find a photo - you just start the page and have fun.

Not to say I've abandoned scrapbooking because I definitely have not! I have some layout ideas brewing right now.

Well I started this post early afternoon and now it's 9:30 pm and I'm watching another episode of "Once Upon a Time." Rumpelstiltskin has just met Captain Hook and I'm thinking he's going to be an interesting character!

See you again soon!


Emily Adams said...

I've been interested in art journaling for a while now but never have done anything... your podcast episode reminded me to start something!! Hopefully soon :)

Love these Southern Sayings... they're great!

Robin said...

I like your Southern Saying page--too cute! I do think you could also do it as a scrapbook page. For your picture use a picture of you and your friends/family members who say these things.

I also wanted to let you know that I watched Bachelor in Paradise last night just because of you! Since it's a two part episode I'll be watching again tonight! :)

Unknown said...

cute!! I love listening to you girls & your 'southern sayings'!! whickety whack is my current fave!

Michelle said...

This is really cool. The heaven's sake one and know what I mean Vern are said up here too. ;)

Glad you had a good weekend.

Teddi said...

tracie, i too am a fan of once upon a time! isn't capatin hook dreamy? i haven't finished listening to your art journaling podcast, but i think you understand the appeal. your page has very lovely lettering, & i like your journaling. it's something you'll probably enjoy comparing later too.

bernii miller said...

Oh I love Once Upon a Time too!

magentals said...

Another once upon a time fan. I like to Dr the whole season and then watch it. That way I don't miss the little clues. Love the podcast.