Friday, August 01, 2014

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday by Stacy

Hello dear blog friend! Happy Friday!

I worked in the office Wednesday and so enjoyed the peace and quiet. I always do. I savor it.
I love the sunshine streaming in the windows and an entire day of peacefulness. Do you love quiet, like me?

Lunch was a big fat roast beef sandwich at Arby's with my favorite lunch date....a new Country Living magazine.
My favorite page featured an adorable banner made of vintage hankies. I could so do this for my screened porch...
Yesterday, Tiffany Lynn Lowder (that's her real name) and I taped a podcast.
We were supposed to tape two but on the first one, we talked up a storm for 35 minutes before realizing the camera had turned off!
Dum, dum, dum, dum, dumb!! It was my fault - I had the wrong card in the camera - it was full. Ugh.

Oh well, that just gives me another week to prep for the other show we were's about Art Journaling.
Spending some time this weekend drinking in all I can about art journaling so I will have a lot to say.
You want me to have a lot to say, right? I think so. The topic was my idea, after all. Ironically.

Last night we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday and had this delicious ice cream cake from DQ.
At dinner, my mother-in-law asked me a question that started like this, " is so and so?"
Twenty-three years of being married later, I said back to her, "You just called me Stacy."
At home, I said to my husband, "Your mother called me Stacy." He said, wait for it........"She always does!" Wow.

Today we are off to the square in Gallatin which is one town over.
I'm going to visit the antique mall and then have dinner at the new iHop with my sister.
iHop? No Trace, it's not an Apple product...IHOP. Ooops.
I'm taking my camera so will blog about all I see soon! Gotta run and get cute first....

Happy weekend dear blog friends!


Michelle said...

Too funny that Mike's mom calls you Stacy. Greg's step mom, still after us being together 25 yrs has not figured out how to spell my name... Mashel is how she spells it when she sends cards in the mail. Really?? It is the most common name ever.

I haven't eaten at an IHOP in forever. Greg told me the other day that we now have a Chick-fil-A, well the City of Edina, MN has one. It's about 45 or so minutes from my house, just further down the freeway from the MOA. There are very very few up here.

As for the quiet, I am enjoying the nose of the boy playing, soaking it up while I can before he belongs to the school in a month. Dare I say, I dislike public school more and more with each passing year. Not necessarily the teachers, just the bureaucratic BS. Can we focus more on academics and less on happy buckets and are you told no by your parents worksheets? No exaggeration. I saved it. So out of curiosity, does the district Tiffany works for make the parents sign sheets about the rules and parent contracts saying they will be a parent and feed their child, etc? They do here.

Michelle said...

*enjoying the noise* not nose. (sitting here shaking my head at that one).

TracieClaiborne said...

Wow Mashel. heehee
I have no clue about the parent forms but I'll ask!

Teddi said...

my husband & i have been married for 20 years & last december MY mom spelled our last name correctly on the mailing box, but incorrectly on the card inside. so tracie don't feel bad. looking forward to your art journaling podcast. forgetting to turn the camera on sounds like something i would do. i seriously want a bite of that ice cream cake.

Unknown said...

so funny about your MIL!
that cake looks yummy as summer has finally found Iowa..
I love silence & sunshine as well!

Tiffany Lowder said...

Yes, that's my real name. Haha - you crack me up, Stacy! Hahahaha!

To answer Michelle's question, no, I'm not sure what forms she's referencing for parents. Of course, I DO teach high school, so it could be an age difference issue. Fwiw, I had open house at my school tonight & it was all focused on academics or relationship building. Of course, I'm very lucky to teach where I do; my school system ROCKS. :)