Tuesday, August 05, 2014

woof! woof!

Hello dear blog friend!

It is Monday night/Tuesday morning at 12:56 am. (Yes, I am naughty and should be in bed.) My next door neighbor's dog is barking loudly outside my window and I am annoyed & also slightly fearful. I turned on all the front lights and opened the front door and looked out. The shrubs outside my windows are so large, I can't see the dog or the ax murderer possum he's after. I'm too scared to go out alone and investigate.

Now I hear the creaking of the floor and the padding of bare feet on the stairs as my honey makes his way down to see what all the ruckus is about. The dog woke him up! Hush you dang dog! Get!! (I've already screamed that out the front door, in a moment of supreme lady-likeness.)

He's still barking. I said to Mike, "I wish you'd go out there and look but don't...you'd probably get eaten alive by skeeters." (that mosquitoes for you non-Southern gals). He went back upstairs so here I sit, writing to you and imagining the worst outside my window.

Nope...here comes my hero hubby again with a flash light, slipping on his ratty old slippers to brave the great outdoors in the middle of the night and ensure our safety.
"Here ya come again...looking better than a body has a right to..." -Dolly Parton
Out we both go but see neither dog nor possum. I stand near him until he says, "When I walked out, I heard something hiss." Uh...see ya! Back in the house now. I take no chances with hissing animals and possums are my least favorite animal after snakes, spiders and lizards (in that order).
He looks with a flashlight and sees nothing - not a dog and not a possum and not a criminally insane individual lurking. Whew! Crisis averted.

Finally the ruckus has quietened, neighbor dog has gone home, hubby is back in bed and I must head that way as well. But first....first, I have to tell you about two exciting things!!

1) I have a new obsession - hand lettering. It's all I think and dream about right now which is very ironic considering I've never used my handwriting on a scrapbook page, but I have always loved handwriting and lettering. I'm going to blog about this tomorrow with lots of examples of what I've been doing. This is just something quick I wrote to text to Tiffany to make her laugh. I'm wearing her out talking about it.

2) Today I found and bought a book I have been looking for by my favorite artist/author, Susan Branch. I've been collecting her books for years and she inspires me so much! We love all the same things! Her blog is delightful too. It is really like an online scrapbook and I want mine to be the same. Like a letter to a dear friend. (That's you!) I will share more about her and her book later this week. I read half of it tonight and giggled in delight!

Happy Tuesday to you and I hope you are staying cool in this dreadfully hot weather, eating popsicles or ice cream by the air conditioner.
So as I often say to my sister when I leave her...."Toodleoodie Fruitti!"


Michelle said...

Barking dogs are annoying. We had a few in our neighborhood directly across the street actually, but they moved last year, kind of glad. They would leave their dog out at night in the winter, mind you it gets COLD... -30F and the dog is out there barking for a min of 30-45 min. Plus it means two less dogs doing their business in my yard - huge pet peeve of mine.

I like your lettering - nice writing. Hopefully you will write out your journaling on some of your pages. :)

Tiffany Lowder said...

Another thing that husbands are evidently good for -> midnight recon of shrubbery and potential critter/homicidal maniac wrangler. You've got a good one there, I think!

Love the hand lettering; it makes me want to play with that technique too!

Teddi said...

tracie, do you remember when susan branch had scrapbook albums, stickers, paper? i still have mine. i really need to use that, duh me. our next door neighbors on both sides have barking dogs. i was worried about one before & made my husband check things out to see if everything was ok too. we're lucky we have such nice guys, aren't we?