Wednesday, September 24, 2014

fall & halloween are my faves!

This week's Scrap Gals podcast is all about fall and we mention our favorite new products for scrapbooking our fall memories. As we talked about our favorite new lines, I kept thinking about how much fall product I already own!

I have at least 2 inches of fall and Halloween paper but where the excess really comes in is my themed embellishments. It's quite ridiculous, actually.

Here are all of my fall and Halloween embellies spread out in all their glorious glory...
Can you believe this???

Keep in mind, this is afterpurging. I've recently purged every theme and topic of paper and embellishments. Each item shown here was a must-keep or can't part with item! Let's take a closer peek. 

While these are certainly not new products, I still love them all!! I love the whimsical pumpkin stickers on the far left to the Making Memories die cut sheets at the very top. 

I still love those foam Making Memories ghosts and the silly little metal rimmed tags that say Yikes! and Scary!

I even still love the hand-drawn look of the Debbie Mumm stickers - if anything, I love that even more now than I did when I bought it! I love those silly smiley pumpkins by MAMBI. And next to it...the huge K&Co. die cuts (recently purchased at Mighty Dollar).

Over the years I have purchased several boxes of Halloween embellishments and they were hard to store so I moved them into clear baggies I buy for this purpose. Not like a sandwich bag - more like the bag that products come in with a sticky edge.

The reason I'm okay with owning this much fall and Halloween product all fits in this!


This is how I store my themed embellies. All cozy in a drawer with the paper in a plastic file behind it. I love every bit of this and just seeing the pictures makes me happy. It's a strange sickness we scrappers share - the love of the stuff!!!!

Who is with me? What does your stash of fall and Halloween product look like? Less or more than me?


Unknown said...

When I got our Halloween album current, & we quit participating in the parties,I quit buying *gasp* so I think I only have a few things I have gotten as gifts at crops recently. but once upon a time, my stash did resemble yours! :)

Debra said...

Hello! Let's see if this works! I've tried to write comments to you on your blog a couple of times, but when on my ipad it seems to fling the comment into thin air and it never gets published!! Anyway, I'm on my main computer now, so we should be good. I loved seeing your Halloween collection. Can you show us your Christmas collection, too? When I first saw all your H stuff all spread out I thought it looked pretty impressive! It packed away nicely though too, though, so good job. I love scrapbook supplies that are colourful and fit into small spaces like that. Being from Australia I don't have any Halloween stuff, but my Christmas box (yep, it's in a box) is pretty full. I LOVE it. Now the big question October Afternoon going to bring out a Christmas collection this year??? OA is my favourite company, but it's a lesson in patience waiting for anything from them. I don't need to tell you this. Oh, yes, I wanted to tell you too, Tracie, that the card ideas that you put up a couple of weeks ago (the MWAH one in particular) sparked a whole thing for me and I went into a card making frenzy and made over 20 cards including ones with striped backgrounds, too. AND I used the OA Woodland Park collection that I've had for ages! Thanks for the inspiration, stories and podcasts!

Teddi said...

my stash is totally less. your stash is awesome! autumn is my fave season the sights, sounds, smells, colors, clothes, dressing up. just listened to your fall podcast it was fantastic. next time you want to draw something google it. type in "ghost drawings". that way you can look at the lines. that's what i do to get an idea of shapes. when i worked at a clothing store in college i had a customer who volunteered at haunted houses every year. where she scared people. they didn't get paid to work there. the money raised by the admittance fees all went to charity. she wasn't a crazy person at all. i've lived in california, utah, & texas. all three places call it fall or autumn. i just think autumn sounds more poetic. yes hocus pocus rocks. & charlie brown anything. i also like practical magic. have you seen the old disney movie with bette davis called watcher in the woods? it's spooky too. if you want to dress up & party go to place that's playing live music on halloween. we went to this one outside venue that had a fire pit. even better, through your own halloween party outside. you can serve apple cider, have your fire pit going, make the decor, & your husband can play or if he's out of town, you can sing karaoke.

TracieClaiborne said...

Teddi - I want to hang out with you! Your idea of fun sounds like my idea of fun and no I've never heard of that Bette Davis movie but I will look it up! thanks!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

Debra - I'm sorry your comments disappear! I have no clue why! Weird! I will share my Christmas stash soon - it's way bigger. LOL

I'm so happy and thrilled that you got on a card making binge! Yay!!! I doubt OA will have a Cmas line. I think they're struggling. I wish they would!

Debra said...

Hi again Tracie,
Looking forward to seeing your Christmas stash. I don't know what's going on with OA. They are struggling it seems, yet they just put a larger design team together. Still no new product though! Anyway, thanks for chatting,