Monday, December 01, 2014

christmas village

Hello blog dearies!

I'm so happy that today is December 1st! I am really in the Christmas spirit and excited to see what the month will bring.

This week's Scrap Gals podcast is all about Christmas crafting. Tiffany and I discuss a show we visited called "Christmas Village" and I have a boatload of photos to share from it! Do you want to see all the lovelies we saw? I hope so 'cause here we go!

First up, we both bought a monogrammed letter and I love how they have glittered this one! I spent about $20 at Michael's this weekend getting stuff to make a wreath with mine. Will post that later this week.
The booth had tons of gorgeous wreaths and they were all SOLD! Here's a pic I snapped of one a lady was paying for.
Monogrammed everything was everywhere which reminds me of these stamps I saw at Hobby Lobby. I've been coveting them for a while. These are so fun! They come in two sizes so you can stamp your monogram onto anything!
Caroline loved this booth with original drawings and prints. The artist is awesome and I was fascinated by her art!
We saw loads of delightful ornaments, including this one. They sold for $12 each.
Later that day, we went to Hobby Lobby to see what we could make like this and found these for way cheaper! They came in loads of shapes for $1.47 each and they were 40% off that price so 88 cents!!
Also found these paper mache ones which on sale, were $1.19 each. Gotta go get some of these today before they're all gone! Wondering why I didn't!
Another great idea we saw was this Little Golden Book journal. If I had a Bind it All or Cinch, I would totally make one of these today! The booth had loads of vintage Little Golden Books in every topic. I really liked this one. Sorry for the blurry photo - I was sneaking a pic!

My daughter wanted a journal but I convinced her we could make one. Now I have to.

In the same booth, there was amazing jewelry that I totally want to make now. Love these pendants!

The pendants at the show were $15 each so Tiff and I looked for something similar we could make ourselves at Hobby Lobby. We found these..

We both bought a kit like this a few weeks ago so I plan to make these using vintage Santa images. You can find tons of those for free online! Just Google "vintage Santa" and go to Images.
We paid $2.08 for this pendant kit (with a coupon) so that's $1.04 per pendant. Much better than $15 or $12.50 like these, which is the size we have...
 Love these mod-podged bracelets but they were $30! I know we could find the blank bracelets somewhere to make these. This seems like a really fun project...
Hobby Lobby has a kit for this bracelet too. I don't remember how much - maybe $6? I showed this picture to my friend who was working a booth and she ran over and grabbed the Alabama one. I think they were only $12 which I thought was very reasonable.
We saw lots of stamped jewelry like this. Tiff and I both had sets of metal stamps but I sold mine. Regret, regret! She plans to try something like this soon.
There was lots of glitter everywhere and I love these initials to add to gifts or stockings. I'm very tempted to make these for our stockings! Love! 
Here we are, after several hours of shopping, quite exhausted but happy. I snagged this incredible Santa at a booth selling smocked girl's dresses! It was only $40! I always see other people carrying out something fabulous like this and I was so happy to be the one carrying it out and getting many admiring glances. :)
Here he is in my house...
I'm still deciding on the perfect place for him this Christmas. He's about 3' tall! Yay!

I also snagged this fun dry erase board at Hobby Lobby. I've been having fun changing the message on it.
Well there you go....lots of pictures and ideas for Christmas crafting. Are you making anything this Christmas? I'd love to hear all about it!

Be back tomorrow with my first page of my December Daily!


Jen Schow said...

OMG THAT WREATH! Wow! Thanks for sharing your fun finds. :)

Unknown said...

Looks like you two had fun and found some great finds!!!

Unknown said...

oh the fun you girls have!!!

Jen Wright Designs said...

I just found your podcast and OMG ya'll are the best!!! I am from the south, I live in Georgia and I feel like I'm sitting at a table with my two girlfriends and talking scrap stuff. Just the best podcast ever! I love how ya'll are real, giggle, and talk like your sitting at a table having coffee.
Thank you, its so refreshing!
Big {{hugs}}

Teddi said...

i started thinking of the angel's singing like you guys do on the show as soon as i saw that christmas carols book. i'm totally admiring tiffany's cape. she's got such style.