Friday, December 05, 2014

december daily - day two and three

Dear, dear blog friends,

I guess you've noticed, I fell off the December Daily wagon. It was not on purpose, I assure you. Life just got in the way! I've worked harder than I've ever worked in my life this last week and just could not fit one more thing in.

So tonight I sat down and did Day Two and Day Three just because I want to share and I want to catch up.

I've been loving what Ali is doing and I'm loving that it's very simple. I think I have greatly overcomplicated this in the past and that's why I couldn't get it done!! So this year, simple is my mantra. (Speaking of simple, have you seen Cathy Zielske's December Daily yet? Love!!! So simple and so her and it just speaks to me.)

Okay, so here's Day Two - Tuesday:

(Click to enlarge and read journaling.)

And because I like to see how things are shaping up in other people's albums, here it is in the album. 
Now if you'll remember my sketches, I had that skinny page planned and I loved it that Ali just happened to do something similar on one of her days this week. My skinny page is 3.5 x 8. The reason is, I used Project Life type cards on the top and bottom that are 3x4 and then when I got ready to do the holes, it bothered me that they would cut into the design. So I mounted them onto a piece of white Scenic Route patterned paper with lines, because let's face it, I'm never gonna write on those lines. (Am I right??!) Then I covered the side with some washi tape that I think looks like a sweater so it's perfect! I found some old, old, old KI Memories circle die cuts in my black bin of embellies and used that with an American Crafts silver sticker.

The journaling's really just a rundown of what we did that day and I feel like I captured the emotion of the day which is what I'm going for in this album.

Now on to Day Three - Wednesday:

Disclaimer: I work in the office one day a week and it's this day, Wednesday. So not much happened other than me sitting at my computer but Caroline's Daddy had a gig so he dropped her at the church and we went to an early dinner at the new Culver's in our town which is a big deal for us 'cause we love it!!

So I knew I was going to use the back of that skinny piece and I could have added a second piece of journaling but what is there to say other than we ate there and show the pics, right? So keeping it simple - I went with this! I may add something later but for now, I'm good with it. 
Pics are from my phone. Top picture I printed at 4x6 and cut a 1/2 inch off the left side. Bottom pics are 1.75 x 1.75. That left me with the perfect amount of room for a strip of words. 

The page across from this is going to be an enlargement of my Living Room decorated and under it I'm going to have something vintage and Christmasey so I felt like I could keep this one simple and it still look okay in the album and oh mylanta, I love my little tree peeking out from behind it!
By the way, that white circle is also an older than dirt KI Memories die cut that perfectly matched the one on the opposite side which made my life easier. :) Sticker number is by Simple Stories. 

Writing out my journaling on a pad I keep by my bed has been very helpful!! I was able to quickly type the Day 2 journaling by looking at what I had written (in my practically illegible "I'm scribbling this at 2 am" writing). 
I've decided that I can't really do more than two days of this at a time and keep it fresh and genuine so tomorrow I'm going to an event at Jenni Bowlin's house (yay!) and then I'm going to do Day Four and Five and then Sunday I'll do Day Six. I really will! Sunday's my day to scrapbook! 

Yesterday's will be easy 'cause it's just a pic of my Living Room with some decoration and today's is a huge picture of Caroline from our Christmas photo shoot. I had planned to be in a picture today and it rained all day (monsoonly!) and my hair was a bush!! So I will get one tomorrow when I'm cute and with my girlfriends. 

I can do this! Are you doing this? Leave me a comment and let me know if you are so I can check you out! See you back here tomorrow night with two more pages!

PS: In case you missed it, here's a link to Day One


Unknown said...

Beautiful pages so far!! Keep them coming! :D

Jules said...

The album is beautiful! I usually do m pages in batches, just because it's easier for me to print at home that way. (I load up an 8.5x11 sheet of photo paper with small photos and print them all in one shot.) Yesterday I did Day 1 - Day 4. Monday I'll do Days 5-7, etc. To me it just makes it much more manageable.

Unknown said...

Tracie - you're doing great & your pages are wonderful!!! I am up to Day 4 and thank you for inspiring me through the podcast to do this. We can definitely do this!!

Unknown said...

By the way - how did you do those cute tiny little 1.75" photos??!

kris said...

Loved your podcast on this subject and LOVE, LOVE your pages!

Marie L said...

Your album is amazing. I'm so glad you are posting as often as you are, especially with how busy you are right now.

karagolby said...

I love your DD album so far. So pretty and your pics are great! Can't wait to see the entire pressure. Hahaha!