Wednesday, December 03, 2014

here's the plan stan

Hello blog friends!

Well, I didn't get my Day 2 page done yet because I've been decorating like a fiend but I wanted to share some of my plans for my December Daily. I should have shared this Sunday but I didn't have my thoughts or my ducks in a row.

First of all, I've decided something really important that I need you to know. This is a revelation I had. Are you ready? Here it is...

Even if you can't do that day's page for your December Daily, it's important that before you go to sleep, you journal about your day. "In the moment journaling" will make a huge difference in how your DD feels and how you feel reading it in the future.

I had this revelation last night. I felt bad that I hadn't made my page but I grabbed a pad of paper and while all the emotions of the first day of December were swirling through me, I sat and wrote and wrote until I felt like I had captured my true thoughts from the day. I read through it and thought, "There is no way I would have written these words tomorrow." That is because tomorrow I will have tomorrow's perspective on today. Today I have a different view of today. Mostly, today I remember the details and emotion more than I will tomorrow. Tomorrow I will look back on today and just see the big picture. I will remember the highlights.

This has been so thought provoking for me that I may challenge myself to journal daily in 2015. It could really revitalize my scrapbooking process.

Now on to my plan Stan! First up, the album. It's a red and white polka dot album by Project Life. 6x8. I've gathered all my supplies in this basket that just so handily happens to have been sitting out since last Christmas because I lied to myself all year that I might finish up my 2013 album. I have both of the albums here because if I get on a roll with this year's, I might attempt to simultaneously do 2013's. We'll see.

Since I already had my materials gathered, I just looked through the selection to find papers that I feel fit with this album. Since the polka dots are white, I went with mostly white papers. This is by no means all my Christmas stash so I might dig into my remaining papers along the way.
As I look these over, I see a recurring theme of black and white and red with a touch of green which sounds great to me! I plan to use lots and lots of vintage Santa images as I did on the first day. I just love the warm fuzzies Santa gives me.

Speaking of....I bought this pad of paper at Hobby Lobby.
All Christmas is 50% off so this pack of 60 sheets of paper was $6.50. Now normally I wouldn't be super excited about Paper Studio paper because it's thin but I love, love, love this piece!!
I plan to just use that entire page (cut down) in my album as a filler page with some type of label and words somewhere.

I started the album by pulling out some Snap album dividers that I have loads of. I thought they would give it some interest. So on the first page for an opener, I printed this calendar from my friend, Marie Lottermoser.  (If you love December Daily, you MUST visit her blog. She rocks it!)
I went ahead and filled in some of the things we already have planned but I've already revised this several times and changed the font so I'll be replacing this one soon. I want to add as many details as possible. I think it will be fun to look back on later.

Because I had a few events planned, I decided to go ahead and sketch out my entire album, especially for the days I have plans. I do plan to make a few of these pages ahead of time but knowing I have a sketch to guide me makes me feel less of a need to pre-make the pages.

Here are my sketches. You can see, I've already switched up Day 1 and 2. I had planned to do a collage on Day 2 and a big picture of my tree on Day 1 but the tree didn't get done so I switched them around. Day 2 will have an enlarged photo of my little den tree I finished decorating Tuesday night. We're not going to the movie I had planned for today but we'll do something else fun that I will take a pic of and I'll use the same idea of a skinny 4x8 page beside an enlargement.
Day 4 is a note to have Caroline take a picture of me wrapping gifts because I never have enough photos of myself in DD and wrapping is something I love. Day 5 I'm going to copy a page I love of Marie's DD from a few years ago. We're going to take Christmas card pics that day so I know I'll have one good enough to enlarge. Day 6 I'm going to Jenni Bowlin's house so I'm planning several horizontal pictures on the page and I might include a second one if needed.

Day 7 is the Hendersonville Christmas parade so I made it go front and back of a page protector. I'm staying away from lots of page protectors. I prefer the album without them but I am throwing a few in for interest.

Here's the next few days...
Day 8 is going to be a square page for interest about White Christmas and the songs in it I love (I sing them all to Caroline at night). Day 9 is a party so I'm journaling on the square and then adding a page protector full of pics. Day 10 I will focus on me at work. Between 10 and 11 I'm planning a filler page with a quote and then 11 and 12 will be all about a toy giveaway I'm in charge of every year. I'm planning to have little 2x2 square pics all along the bottom of a panoramic shot of all the toys that spans two pages. Day 13 we're taping the show so I want to get pictures of Tiffany and me but I have no design or plan for the page. I'll have to see how the pics come out and decide.

Sunday the 14th I'll go Christmas shopping while Caroline is at home with Mike and I'll get her stocking stuffers and surprises (I've already gotten everything else for her!) and I thought I could take pics of lots of things I love in the stores.

Day 15 I was going to do a collage of the faces of my favorite Rankin Bass characters but that seems too similar to my Day 1 page now so I'll plan something else that day. Maybe use a 2x2 square pocket page and just put a few faces and fill the rest with patterns or I could do an enlargement of one of the characters or shows (I'm obsessed with Rankin Bass). Day 16 I have no plan so I thought about devoting that to Mike and Caroline but I'm keeping an open mind. I leave him out of this too often! Day 17 and 18 are undecided. Day 19 I'm having dinner with friends so I picked a pocket page. 20, 21 and 22 are undecided but as people's pages inspire me, I plan to copy some of their ideas. I'm loving looking through the links on Ali's blog!

 The last few days I'm leaving open and will sketch in some more details as time progresses. It doesn't worry me that I only have through day 16 or so sketched out. I love sketching layouts and look forward to coming up with more ideas. As long as I have a plan for the next couple of days, I can get the page done quickly when the time comes.

Well if you've read all this, I applaud you! LOL That was more info than you wanted to know, I'm sure!

One last note...I am printing at home on my Canon Pixma printer, using Platinum Pro Canon paper. I made my page 6.5 x 8 because 6x8 seemed small for the album when comparing it to the protectors I'll be using later in the album. I had to print the picture four times today. I couldn't make it print to the right size in Picasa so I wasted a sheet on that, then I over lightened it because Picasa printed dark, then turns out, printing from Word was a better print than Picasa and it came out just like my screen but then I obsessed and wanted to lighten it a tad so by the fourth try, it was perfect! I hate that I did that and wasted all that ink but oh well. I learned exactly the settings I will use now. I will print from Word from now on! I cringed putting these in the trash!

I'll be back Thursday at some point with Day 2 and 3. Thanks for stopping by! If you're doing December Daily and blogging about it, please leave me a comment so I can check it out!!!


Margie said...

You have a great plan, and it's exciting to see it come together!I am doing a Journal Your Christmas album(which I think you would love Shimelle's daily prompts since you are a story based scrapper!), and trying to blog it on a semi-daily basis.

Beth Lemon said...

Don't put them in the trash! Cut them up and use them for gift tags. Individually I'm sure they're fine.

Unknown said...

I love all the details, Tracie - thanks!! It all helps inspire me. Your album looks great and I can't wait to see as you fill it in. I agree with what Beth said - cut up the photos to use as tags - fun!

Jen Schow said...

Wowza! Go you! Can't wait to see how it all turns out. :)