Friday, January 23, 2015

collections: idea books

Hello dearies!

I've been thinking all week about what page I could make for my new collections album I talked about in the show this week. My list of collections is so long, I wasn't sure where to start! I looked for my Pez dispensers and lo and behold, they are missing! This concerns me since we recently purged and organized every drawer and cabinet in the house.

I thought about making a page about my blue and white porcelain collection but the cabinet that houses the collection has six glass shelves that need cleaning before pictures can be taken and really, who wants to do that, right? :)

Next I thought about my Vera Bradley purse collection but I decided it would be cute if I did a little fashion show wearing a bunch of them with different outfits and had someone take a photo of me and that was not going to be done in one day or on a day like today when I was in my PJ's all day!

Then I thought about my Little Golden Books collection and came very close to making that page because I actually bought two this week! But the sheer volume of those overwhelmed me in terms of taking a picture. I want a picture of each of them!

See how I talk myself out of scrapbooking?

So today, I walked all over my house, pondering my collections, looking in cabinets, studying what I owned and what could be photographed and I stumbled on a collection that I forgot to mention in our show this week. It falls in the "scrapbooking collection" category. Technically I have loads of collections within my scrapbooking supplies: stamps, markers, patterned paper, cardstock, stickers, enamel feel me?

This collection is set apart from all those things because it is my inspiration - my idea books! Sadly, these are all out of print and I fear that books like this will never come again because the magazine behind my favorites, Simple Scrapbooks, is gone. I treasure them all the more now because of that!!

My page is really an ode to a bygone era...the era when Simple ruled and my heroes Cathy Zielske and Stacy Julian were speaking into our lives and encouraging us to tell our story.

First I pulled out my favorite books and took a shot of those and then one of them all together in the bin. As I worked on the page, I realized I had a LOT to say about these books but I had not left myself any room!
I decided to add a second page and make it 6" wide by 11" tall. I'll use a 6x12 page protector from Becky Higgins and simply trim 1" off the top!

I love how this looks!
White cardstock is really my go-to favorite and I just love how the pictures pop against it. I actually mixed textured and smooth on this. The left side, the foundation of the layout, is textured but the right side with journaling is smooth. I just hate the way journaling looks printed on textured cardstock so I decided to stop doing it and just mix them. If I'm okay with it, you can be too. :)

I journaled about this pull out page in Stacy Julian's book, "The Big Picture." It's still my favorite part of any idea book ever and I love the idea of those pockets in an idea book...
I used some very old Lil Davis vinyl letter stickers for the word "idea" and needed something that said "books" so I decided to check my stash of October Afternoon Public Library and found the perfect word sticker! Even the color was perfect. Yay!
I added a few more tidbits from OA and a couple stickers from a Simple Stories sheet and called it done!
Fun fact: the black and white gingham reminded me of Stacy Julian so I thought it was fitting on this page. She has a love for black and white gingham, especially ribbon.

This page came together very quickly for took just over an hour!! That might be a world record for me. :)

I hope you're having a lovely week! We're taping two new shows tomorrow and one of them is on memory planners so I'm sitting down now to start working on my January section. I have a lot of wonderful blog posts planned for next week to show you all what I'm doing. I'm pretty excited about it and I've bought some fun new products to work with!

Have a great weekend! Go and be crafty!


Sherry C said...

Fun layout! Your collection makes me miss the good old scrappy days.

Anonymous said...

I have a copy of Photo Freedom and bought an ebook of Ali Edwards' but don't have either of Cathy Z's -- I really should buy copies of both while used versions are still available through Amazon. Happy Saturday. ~ Laura

Barbara Eads said...

I had ALL the idea books as well as the magazines. Just recently, I went through all the magazines and took what I thought I could use and passed on the rest. They were just taking up too much room. Next I hit the idea books. Unless they were special to me--several autographed one---I purged them too. Considering I rarely referred to them, it wasn't too hard. Plus, having people to pass them on to didn't hurt. I've also been donating supplies to Smart--a non-profit run by volunteers--that recycles gently used art supplies. It makes purging so much more guilt free! Love your layout. I did one years ago called: ADDICTED to scrapbook magazines. So at least I've paid homage to them!

Kimberly Kett said...

Turned out fabulous, loving the mix of product!