Sunday, January 18, 2015

i love collecting

Hello dearies!

I haven't popped in here for over a month and that's just unacceptable so here we are, starting again. I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and are enjoying a great new year. I have a lot of great blog posts coming up soon...exciting things are happening in 2015!

This week, on The Scrap Gals Podcast, we are discussing collections. Do you collect little trinkets and treasures? I shared a long list in the show of things I love and collect and how I want to document them.

I'm working on a new layout to share this week but here's one from a few years back, featuring my collection of vintage Valentine's. I love these little babies so much!

This page will be the start of my "Collections Album" I discussed in the show. I still love this layout, even though it's quite a few years old. I am a big fan of classic scrapbooking and simple and clean for that very reason - it doesn't seem to age or date itself as much as some layouts do, some of my own included.

I hope you were inspired to think about scrapbooking your own collections! I'll be sharing some pictures this week of some collections around my home and maybe even some things I see in stores that catch my fancy.

See you soon my dearies!

PS: As I was hitting publish on this blog, I stopped by Susan Branch's blog (my very favorite blog ever) and she shared a picture of a collection today. Isn't life delightful? Check it out here. Be warned, it's easy to get sucked into her blog and before you know it, you've read the entire thing!


nancy said...

This is a really pretty layout! You're right about the simple, classic design still looking good. The colors are lovely, and your photos are full of life.

Unknown said...

Love your blog. Glad to see you back.

Happy New Year!

Nancy in MA