Sunday, January 25, 2015

my memory planner

Hello dearie!

This week's Scrap Gals Podcast is so fun and it's all about Memory Planners. Have you caught the planner bug that has taken over so many of us? I had not until Tiffany bought me this incredible boxed kit for Christmas...a fantabulous gold mini-album with planner inserts from Heidi Swapp. I love it!
If you've listened to the show, you know my plan is to use post-it notes and jot down calendar items, then I intended to use my typewriter to actually document on the planner pages. 

Since the month is nearing its end, I sat down today to start working on making my January spread pretty. First, I tested (on another piece of paper) the little wooden stamps you can see in the photo above that are made to add the dates to the month. I could not get them in the place I wanted so I chose a slightly larger set that I own that is ironically by Heidi Swapp, as well. I laid out my blank pages and took a deep breath...
Then I mounted all of the numbers on all of the mounts I own and got out my favorite black ink which is Ranger Archival never fails me.
I started on the last day and worked my way back and I told myself that if I messed up, I would simply cover that day with pretty paper. Mess ups are inevitable when stamping...they just are.
I'm a pretty good, fair to middlin' stamper so it went okay and I breathed a sigh of relief when it was done but I was a little unhappy with how big the numbers were and how much space they take up. I will be looking for a smaller set of clear numbers this week. 
Next I hiked upstairs, grabbed my typewriter stashed in the back of the closet, found an extension cord and plugged it in. 

"What is that?" said Caroline. 
"What is that?" said Mike. 
"What do you think it is?" I said! 
"It sure is loud." said Caroline. 
"You'll live." I replied.

I told myself it can be messy, in fact, maybe try to make it messy. Don't fret, just type. After a few minutes pondering which size font to use, I went for the default since I would probably forget to change it every time.  
So I typed. And it was "blah." I knew I would be adding layers and making it pretty but the typewriter part just doesn't work for me. It's like it doesn't match the elegance of the planner. Also, as fate would have it, I ripped the January tab a bit taking it out of the machine. "This will never do!" I said and resigned myself that the typewriter part was a bad idea. 

Then I remembered my initial inspiration for doing this....this lovely planner page...
I am currently searching for the name of the person who created this for Somerset Life.

I decided it was okay that I didn't like the typewriting or the numbers, I could just cover each (or most) of the squares with pretty paper or a drawing, as I had originally intended. 

Then I faced another challenge. The size square I needed was not a typical size. The exact measurement is 1.625 x 1.3125. Uh-huh. Yep. How in the world would I measure that each time I wanted a square!? So I looked around for a hard piece of plastic to make a template and seeing none that was not needed, I decided to sacrifice my sheet from my Stampamajig considering I use it once a year and I'll be creating in my planner weekly. So I laid it atop a square and made a couple marks, then carefully cut it on my trimmer and voila...the perfect template!
My next quandary was that I would then need a variety of approximately 2" squares. The thought of cutting 2" of my favorite papers was a little hard to swallow but I looked to my drawer of paper anyway. Heaven knows I have plenty to spare! I found a piece with a variety of squares by Pebbles and it was the perfect color scheme. One square said "Hello" which immediately made me think of "Hello 2015" for January 1. I used my handy dandy template to cut it out and felt giddy when it fit perfectly. I didn't even use my trimmer - I cut it with scissors! That's really skating on the edge of life's abandon in my book. 
You'll notice I also stamped the number 1 on top of the square of paper. I'm not sure if I'll do that on every square but it seemed necessary for Day One.

I added some gold thickers and announced loudly, "Now we're cooking with grease!" to which Caroline, sitting in the same room with me, got a big laugh. 

"This is it!" my mind shouted! I will make every square its own lovely little picture. Wait...wasn't that my original idea anyway? Yes, I don't know when the idea of the typewriter hit me but at some point, the wires in my mind got crossed because this was what I was planning all along. 

Now I'm experimenting with adding photos. I really love how this looks and I think I'll add about 5 for the month. I'm experimenting with the best way to print them at the right size. These are from a collage I made of 2x2 pics but they were way too big and I ended up cutting too much off the image. 
Of course I would have gotten more done tonight but I had to edit the podcast and Downton Abbey came on so this was all I accomplished but I feel great about the direction it's headed! I'm going to work on it some more tomorrow and post another update. I can't wait to show you all the goodies I bought to use in it and the sample stamping I've done so check back soon and I'll have more to share. 

Now get off your tushy and go and be crafty or if you're reading this Sunday night, sleep already! :)


Jen Schow said...

I love it! Can't wait to see more...

Emily Adams said...

Your planner looks super fun! I've looked at Heidi's box sets at Michael's several times, but I know I won't keep up with it. Can't wait to see more!

Unknown said...

I love this! And your inner dialogue is so similar to mine when I'm scrapping, even down to taking a deep breath before stamping, LOL