Friday, February 20, 2015

artful memory planner - list page

In my planner, after each monthly calendar is a page of lists you can fill in. I considered hand writing them but it seemed easy enough to print the lists out on white cardstock and they certainly look a lot better typed.

I love lists in general and I love the titles of these lists: thankful for, that was awesome and I probably should. I looked through all my January Facebook to remember what I did and how I felt and compiled a list of things I was thankful for that month. 

I really want to use this planner to focus on my creative goals so I thought it would help me feel productive if I wrote down what I accomplish each month. I'm using the "that was awesome" section to do just that.

For the "I probably should" section, I'm taking a look at the month and what I did NOT accomplish and adding it to that list with checkmarks so that later, I can go back and check them off. That will be a good feeling. This was really fun to create and just took about 30 minutes so that's always good! 

Click to enlarge and read journaling.

Here it is in the album, I absolutely love the calligraphy style font Heidi used in this...

I gave myself permission to write all over that white page but I ended up not really needing to so I don't know I'll use that for yet. I may have Caroline draw something on it for me! I just thought of that as I was writing. 

To the right of this, I am making a couple 6x8 PL style pages using some of my favorite pics of the month but first, I'm going to tackle this front page and make it pretty. I want the larger square to have the word "focus" and say "My One Little Word For 2015" or something like that. Then on the back, I'll probably write a list of my goals but I may not share those here. See that word "documented?" That was from a Tim Holtz rub-on sheet I bought this week. It was a bit hard to transfer so I had to really work on it a long time. In the end, it worked out so all is well. :) I think rub-ons are worth the trouble it takes to use them.

Just for fun, here's a peek at all the goodies I'm using for my planner. I need a little basket to corral these. Anytime I work on the planner, I'm getting this stack out and it's so fun knowing this stuff is waiting for me.
Check out my two packs of Elle's Studio kits I got this week. I'll be sharing those with you soon and a project I've made with them! 

Have a great weekend and stay warm! My friend, Jennifer Webb, is coming over to tape the podcast tomorrow and Tiffany will be coming to us via Skype so we'll be taping in my husband's studio upstairs. I hope it works out! He will be here to help us get a good sound so it may end up better than normal! Tiffany is snowed in and has been all week and we're getting more snow tonight so we had to get creative. We have a really fun topic for the show that I think you'll love so watch for that Monday.

Now go and be crafty my friends!! 


Leanne said...

such a great idea with your journaling prompts!!! And I love the look of your planner..x

Margie said...

Looks beautiful!

bernii miller said...

This is just so so pretty!!!! I am so jelly you have the gold album ♥ Can't wait to see what you keep creating with it :)

Kimberly Kett said...

Great list, I should get my girls to do this for their books :)

Anonymous said...

Great ideas.Thank you so much for sharing these ideas.