Monday, April 13, 2015

memory planner monday

Something happy happened this weekend. I went to a crop all day last Friday and I got stuff done. I worked on my March artful memory planner spread and I got about 75% done at the crop. Then I came home and before going to bed, I finished cutting the squares. Then yesterday I added the journaling and embellishments and called it done! It was so fun working on this at a crop because it's one of the few projects I can work on while chit-chatting. Picking out papers and cutting them into squares doesn't take a lot of brain power! :)

I started my color inspiration with that lovely teal green color at the bottom. From there, I picked out about six 12x12 papers with that color, including a few cut apart type pieces and for the rest, I used Project Life cards!!

Days 7, 11, 13, 14, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28 and 29 are all Project Life cards. That made me really happy! They are the perfect size for cutting down and since they come in multiples, I still have another copy of all these.

Here's the left side closer up:

I was so happy to find that in my Simple Stories "Family" themed sticker pack, there were these awesome letter stickers the same color as the strip along the bottom. "Focus" is my One Little Word for 2015 so I'll be repeating it randomly in this album. Then I put a little sticker to remind myself to focus today (every day).

The yellow patterned paper with the journaling is easier to read in person, just FYI. I love the mix of red, pink, teal and yellow. Very happy and springy!

Here's the right side closer up:

The paper on the 27th is an old scrap of some of my all time favorite paper by Lil Davis, designed by my friend, Jenni Bowlin. I hoard the scraps of it but I thought this was special enough to spare a square. :)

I didn't use any photos on this month's spread. No one in my family had a birthday and I thought it would be fun just to use patterned paper but it does seem to be missing a little of the warmth the photos provide. I'll go back to that next month.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this! Thanks for stopping by! Don't miss The Scrap Gals podcast today, we're talking about my favorite subject...movies!


Kelly said...

love that you spared (and shared!) a square!!!

Jen Schow said...

I absolutely love how bright it is without being overpowering. Can't wait to see more. :)

Keely said...

I love the colors!!! They are so happy!!! You will treasure this book.