Thursday, May 21, 2015

busy, busy, busy, busy, busy

That's been my life all week and that's why I haven't blogged! I did stay up 'til 4 am one night this week making a fresh new banner for this blog. It's very similar to the previous one so you might not have noticed. ;)

Today I am teaching my first cards class at Hobby Lobby. Several of my former students from the last scrapbook store I taught at will be there and some of my local friends are coming too and bringing friends! Wahoo! I made extra kits and if I have them left over, I plan to put them in my shop for sale. $10 for everything you need to make four cards. I will post pics Friday. Here's one in progress...

I struggled a bit to come up with four card designs that could be easily reproduced. I taught cards classes for a couple years and it came easily to me to design them but I have gotten out of the card creating groove so Monday, I sat at my desk and hated everything I did. Tuesday I started making progress and Wednesday was spent in a panic, knowing it was down to the wire.

Finally, around 10 pm, I got into a creative groove and started feeling happy with what I was making. I know that sounds a little cuckoo to some of you but I have high standards when people are paying me to take a class. I don't just slap it together...I really have to love it or I keep trying.

The problem isn't designing four's coming up with designs that can be easily reproduced. You either have to use a punched shape, die cut, paper pads to mix patterns or stamps. It's not like I can use enamel dots or a sticker; I won't have 10 of those to give away. I can whip together a card from my stash in about five minutes but making four that are unique but reproducible is a tough bill to fill!

I picked up this Simple Stories pad yesterday to of my favorites of their lines!

Besides being out of the creating cards groove, my brain is just full of a lot of other classes I'm creating right now. I plan to launch an online class next week and it's one I've been asked for a lot. I'll tell you what it's about soon and I have two pretty big announcements coming up too. Life is amazing and unexpected every day.

Just a note: I added a link to the tabs at the top of this page that goes straight to my YouTube channel. I plan to add a video weekly. Click the tab marked "Videos" to go straight to my Scrapbooking Playlist. I have some performance videos on my channel so by clicking this link, you'll go straight to the stuff you wanna see...crafty stuff! :)

I'll be back soon with an online class that's fun and hopefully a layout or something from my memory planner which I had to let slide this week so I could prep for my class!!


Unknown said...

This is exciting, Tracie - hope your card class goes well!! If I lived close enough, I'd be there!

Keely said...

Tracie, I just subscribed to your YouTube channel!! I love to watch crafty videos while I am crafting!! Can't wait to hear about your new online classes!! You go girl!!!