Monday, May 04, 2015

happy monday!

No Memory Planner Monday today...I just couldn't fit it into my life. Last week was a doozy! Don't believe me? Keep reading...

Monday - Tiffany and I did a show via Skype for the first time. Won't do it again. We feed off each other's facial expressions, apparently. The energy was not the same. After the taping, I edited Magic Memory Keepers and got it ready to go up that night. It took about two to three hours. Trying to go faster but it's a long process.

Tuesday - I had dinner planned with someone who assumed some of my duties for the job I resigned, so I spent the entire day creating a manual with passwords and boatloads of info that only I know for my Pastors. Seven years of info had to be passed on!

Wednesday - my last day in the office. I dressed up and looked cute on purpose so Caroline could take a photo of me and then it ended up being one of the most high stress days of my LIFE! Caroline's Daddy was out of town, so she was at the office with me. I got more done that day than I've ever done before on my job because I knew I had no choice! While I worked, Caroline had an allergy attack and sneezed, moaned and complained for hours (poor baby). Finally I took her home, went back to the office, worked like a madwoman 'til about 7:30 pm and went home myself and she was much better. It was pollen and something in the office! So I didn't get a photo and now I never will unless I fake one next Sunday. haha! (Don't judge, you know you would!)

Thursday - I started a new fun adventure that I'll be telling you about soon. Worked all day on it then went home and cleaned like a madwoman because we were taping videos in my house the next day.

Friday - Tiffany took off work early so we could scrap and make videos for hours. After that, we taped two Scrap Gals shows with guests and had dinner, etc. Then I edited videos until 3:00 am.

Saturday - I was up early to post for National Scrapbooking Day in our FB group and then I went back to bed because I had not slept a wink the night before! When I got up, I had a million errands to run, a video/layout to make and my friend came over to tape Magic Memory Keepers. Plus, I had to clean and do laundry and edit Scrap Gals that went up today. It took about an hour and a half to do so. Couldn't sleep all night because Mike was out of town again and I got an upsetting FB message at 3:00 am so my mind raced until 6:00 am when I finally dozed off.

Sunday - Finished up one last task in my office while the church service went on (awful, I know!) and then rushed home to do more laundry, pack about five bags (not kidding), load the car and meet my friend to come to her beautiful cabin. Had a lot on my mind so I passed the bank, got halfway to friend's house and had to turn around and go back to my town to put my check in bank night deposit. (It's small and local.) Finally got to friend's house three hours late.

And that, my friends, is the story of why there is no Memory Planner Monday. LOL! Does that list just wear you out or what? Yes, I need a rest!

If anyone needs me, I'll be on the deck with a diet coke and a magazine. Hallelu!


Barbara Eads said...

Still, it sounds like you accomplished a great deal! I love it when I have a such a productive week!! I'm still amidst my major "clean-out." Making good progress, but still much to do! Heading to the beach next week for my own R&R!! Enjoy your week!

Unknown said...

that looks heavenly!!
Enjoy your week, You deserve it!!

Jen Schow said...

Wish I was at that cabin with you! Looks idyllic. :)

Unknown said...

What an incredible week - not only super duper busy but also emotionally and mentally challenging!!! But - you rocked it and now you can rest!! I really don't know how you & Tiffany get so much done, I only work part-time and can't do a fraction of what you both are doing! I always come away inspired, though, so thanks and enjoy your time at that gorgeous cabin with your friend!!