Tuesday, May 05, 2015

magic memory keepers is a hoot this week.

So I almost didn't have a guest this week for Magic Memory Keepers because I was too busy to tape. Enter my always faithful friend, Jennifer Webb. She came over to the house and sat down for an informal chat about all things Disney.

If you haven't listened to Magic Memory Keepers yet, this is a fun one to start with. It's just a talk between two friends! We talk about The Polynesian at Disney World and I share the interesting info about it that the Beatles broke up when John Lennon signed the papers while staying at The Polynesian! If you like Disney trivia, here's a fun Wikipedia article all about The Polynesian. I've been kind of obsessed with it since I read this! :)

You can check out the show here, along with pictures of Jennifer's adorable mini-album!

Have a happy Wednesday!

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