Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ode to simple scrapbooks magazine

I was looking through a couple issues of Simple Scrapbooks today and I felt a sense of longing come over me.
Gone are the days of solid scrapbook instruction in printed form.
You can now find great ideas online but it's either information overload or I struggle to find the voice that inspires me like Simple did.

Simple Scrapbooks and Stacy Julian changed my life.
They literally changed my life. No other way to put it.
I think differently because of the philosophies and instruction I received from the contributors.

I love that it was solid, simple information presented in the way that I process it.
Part of the appeal was the clean design of the magazine, provided by Cathy Zielske.

I also loved the voice of the magazine. I think I could feel Stacy's influence on every page.
I'm looking at the March/April 2009 issue now and there is a great article on photography.
Next is a wonderful article on journaling that really has some innovative ideas.
Next up is an article on choosing colors for your layout and the pages in it are awesome.
The layouts throughout the magazine are fun and doable and mostly 8.5x11, which is my go-to size.

There are sketches of the layouts that let me easily envision making them for myself.
There are fun reader tips on how to organize page ideas, journaling ideas and instructions on how to print smaller photos.
There's an article on using lots and lots of photos on a layout. There's another one on being an organized and inspired scrapbooker.
I could go on and on. There's so much wonderfulness packed in this issue, that I am amazed this magazine is out of business!

The magazine was a collaboration of some of my favorite people in the industry and now those people are scattered. I wish I could get them all in one place again.

I guess I will just treasure the issues I have and read and re-read them until I'm old and gray.
I'm just thankful I had the chance to know you, Simple Scrapbooks. I truly miss you.


Unknown said...

I am finding I enjoy Scrapbooks & Cards Today almost as much as I enjoyed Simple. You might take a gander if you haven't. I especially love that its available in print or FREE online.

Tina said...

I feel the same way! I remember every time that magazine arrived in the mail it was like Christmas morning.

Anonymous said...

I also really like Scrapbooks & Cards today. Many of your favorite scrapbookers write articles for it, including Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, and Jennifer McGuire. Lisa Dickinson and Jen Gallagher have layouts in the latest one. Megan Hoeppner is the editor now. It's put out by a virtual "Who's Who" of scrapbooking! And if you subscribe to the paper version, it's on a really nice weight of paper.

Kelly Sroka said...

I loved Simple Scrapbooks too! I remember the first issue I read and I thought, “Now this is how I scrapbook.” I still have several of my old issues and pull them out from time to time for inspiration.

Susan said...

I miss all the scrapbooking magazines, although like you Simple Stories was my favorite. I know that now there's so much inspiration to be found online but for me, nothing can replace the feel of holding a magazine in my hands, flipping through the pages over and over, and dog-earing pages that really appealed to me. I subscribed to many magazines in the heyday of scrapbooking and space constraints led me to tear out just the pages I'd marked and recycle the rest of the issue but I really wish I had saved a few of them in their entirety.