Monday, August 31, 2015

oh happy day!

Over the past year, I've had numerous requests to share my love of hand lettering. I decided to do a quick class about it and in my mind, I was thinking it would be maybe a 30 minute class with one video. Well.....some of you know, I am an all or nothing girl and I am very detail oriented so about 80 hours of work later, I present to you my first online class, "Easy Hand Lettering."

In this self-paced, online class, you'll receive access to:
- ten lessons with over an hour of written instruction 
- eleven videos with over 1.5 hours of instruction 
- a secret shortcut to creating custom hand lettering in an easy way 
- twelve hand lettering practice sheets 
- custom Bible Journaling practice template 
- access to a private group where you can discuss and share your work and receive feedback from me

Lessons include:
1) Correcting Your Cursive
2) Letter Formation and Fill
3) Writing Instruments
4) Let's Talk About Paper
5) Print Styles
6) Practice Makes Perfect
7) Let's Letter Together
8) Lettering for Art Journaling and Bible Journaling
9) Finding Inspiration
10) Favorite Lettering Tools
Bonus: Brush Lettering
Discuss and Share Your Work

The price is $15 until 9/15/15 when it will be $20. 

I'm so glad it's done! Now I can go back to my normal life!!! :) 


Unknown said...

Yay! I'm excited to learn this from you Traci! I know it will be great quality, like everything else you do!

Unknown said...

I can't believe I spelled your name wrong! Tracie with an E! So sorry... I do know better.

TracieClaiborne said...

Awww, thanks sweet Alice!

Irit Landgraf said...

This looks amazing! So much content! xo Irit

Anonymous said...

Can I buy this now as a gift and give it in December for Christmas?

TracieClaiborne said...

Elizabeth - Absolutely! You purchase it and the e-mail will send you all the links and downloadable worksheets and then you can forward it to the person at Christmas. I am also happy to send the person an e-mail for you, with all the links and worksheets and say "Merry Christmas from Elizabeth Yielding!" :) Let me know. Feel free to e-mail me if needed