Thursday, August 06, 2015

the urge to purge

My studio is the worst it's ever been and I'm slowly cleaning it and taking photos so I can share some tips for getting it back to picture perfect. But today I thought I would talk about something related...the urge to purge. Do you ever get it? I get it a lot. I am easily overwhelmed by all the stuff.

One of my besties, Chasity, gave me a huge box of goodies last week and there was so much good stuff in there, it blew my mind. She had an urge to purge and I was the lucky recipient of her items! I looked through and got a stack of goodies, then Tiffany looked through and got a big bag of goodies and now I'm taking it to another friend to look through. This is the box after Tiff and I got our stuff!

I've added a couple things of my own to it now....some roller stamps I never use.

So after I got the stuff out that I wanted, I sorted the little stack of embellishments she gave me by color and then went to put them in my color bins and my color bins were so over the top full - I couldn't fit one more thing!!!!!

I just sat there looking at the overflowing bin and then.....I had the urge to purge!

It's not like I have time to do a big purge but I decided to take the time to go through my color bins and I've already pulled out a whole sandwich baggie full of pink and red items I can live without.

Here's how the process looks...

The stuff in the bin is what I'm keeping. I'm still going through the pile on the right but I purged the "we'll be best friends forever" and the KI Memories flower die cut and the 14 cents? (What is that for?) Anything felt had to go. Anything graphic (KI Memories in their prime) seems dated now. I almost considered purging my big Heidi Swapp flowers but I couldn't do it. I hoarded those and I still want to use them. (You know the huge ones?)

I may not do the rest of the colors because only pink and red were completely full but I'll just throw the filled baggies in with the rest of the stuff Chasity gave me and pass it along!

The best part is the feeling after I purge! I feel lighter than air!! I never regret moving things out no matter what I paid for them. I just like to freshen up my life.

When's the last time you've purged?


Amy K said...

My daughter and I just talked about this yesterday. She was looking for some specific supplies, and we decided that, together, we're going to purge and reorganize my scrap room. Then we're going to get busy on our Washington D.C. photos.
Thanks for the inspiration to get-to-it! :)

hoguec said...

This week. Came up with a 12x16x10 box full of paper and embellishments. Felt really good.

Angela said...

O.M.G! It's like you read my mind! I just finished purging my colour drawers last night! Then I totally reorganized how I store what was left. It feels like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and has ignited my creativity! I can't wait to use what I have left. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

I need to purge! I keep hanging on to the baby boy and girl paper I have that I used for grand kids. They aren't babies now, but little kids. I've been hanging on to it for the next new grand kids, but you know what, when they come there will be new paper out there that I want to use instead of what I've I need to get busy purging! My craft space is very limited, but sometimes it is so hard to get rid of things I've paid money on :-)

Edie said...

Last month- I participated in Simple Scrappers Stash Bash. I purged a lot. Two friends have taken some things. I'm going to give the rest away online. I do think I'm buying less (no Archivers) and I know my style. I also read The life Changing Magic of tidying up. Some things no longer bring me joy!

Barbara Eads said...

You crack me up!! You always manage to be cleaning or organizing something! Before I "knew" you very well via your blog, I thought you might be a sort of messy person. But then I realized that we just share the same OCD tendencies!! I'm over my most recent urge to purge. I got a lot accomplished---still more to do, but enough for now. My color containers are overflowing---and I've already been through them. The problem is I need to USE that stuff!!