Monday, August 24, 2015

week in the life: the big weekend wrap-up

Here's a final peek at my "Week in the Life" photos. I took less photos this weekend than I did during the week. I've actually been looking forward to writing this blog post so I could see them all pulled together. Some are on my phone, some on my DSLR. 

This is a long blog post so hang in there. Here we go!


11:00 am - Last night was another late one blogging my WITL pics so I set my alarm for 11 am. I ran to get a shower, dress and pack my bag to get to my Craft Day at Hobby Lobby. As I say goodbye to Caroline, I snap this shot of her crafting.  

11:55 am - Quick stop at McDonald's for lunch and then I head to the classroom. Luckily no one is there yet so I quickly eat alone. :)

12:10 pm - My friends join me in the Hobby Lobby classroom and we do a makeup cards class. This is my friend, Kim Forkum, who is a regular student of my cards classes. 

2:00 pm - After we make cards, my friend, Jennifer Webb and I, work on our Bible journaling. She's using a vintage book with the pages painted. I brought my ESL Journaling Bible to work in.

2:45 pm - Jennifer leaves and I browse the store for a bit while Kim keeps working on sorting some photos she brought. I love the fall merchandise in the store. Passing this is what I call an occupational hazard. I restrain myself and just have fun looking.

3:15 pm - I work on my lettering class which should be available here by the end of this week! I just need to warm up my hand since I haven't been doing lettering daily. I love writing with a pencil so I do that for a while and then I try my hand at watercolor lettering ala Amy Tan but it does not turn out well. I decide to stick with what I know. :) 

Just for fun, I make this and send to my friend Jen by FB messenger which is how we talk daily. 

4:15 pm - I go back out in the store for a little more shopping before I wrap the day up and literally gasp when I see this chipboard sticker sheet I've been wanting for months!! It was in a weird place with two others that were similar. I grin with glee and fly to the classroom to get my wallet. With my discount, this came to $3.05. Yay!

5:30 pm - Kim and I decide to wrap it up a bit early so I make plans to meet my sister for dinner after I pick up Caroline. Mike has a gig, of course. He always has a gig on Saturday. We go to Pie Five and the line is extremely long. This is Caroline's pizza in the making. 

6:05 pm - Finally sit down to eat and it's delish!

My sister's been at a memorial service for my cousin today so she brings me some extra brownie bites out of the batch she made for the family. They have homemade chocolate frosting and Heath and m&m's. There are no words.

7:30 pm - Get home and veg on the couch for the rest of the evening watching my current Netflix obsession, "White Collar." Caroline hung out upstairs, Mike was at a gig. It was sheer bliss. 

11:30 pm - Went to bed and snapped some "in the bed" pics (just of me!) but they are too silly to share here. Will probably add one to my album. :)

Overall I was disappointed in the photos I got. None of Mike because I only briefly saw him before I left for the day. In fact, I'm not sure that I saw him at all, now that I think of it. That's our life sometimes. 



9:00 am - Wake up, shower quickly, get dressed, literally run out the door to my sister waiting in the car. No time to take a picture. Sadly, Mike took a gig subbing for a bass player at another church so he did not go with us to our church today and my plans to get a family photo in our Sunday best were squashed. 

10:15 am - Get to church early, sit with a friend we haven't seen in a while. I told her about "Week in the Life" and then asked her to be in our group selfie. The lights were down so this is grainsville all the way!!

10:30 am - Church was amazing, outstanding and excellent in every way. I pretty much cry from the time I get there until the time I leave. Tears of gratitude and love for what I am experiencing. We sang my very favorite hymn, "Jesus Paid it All" as we took communion. We also sang another favorite, "Come and Dine" that I haven't heard sung in a church in at least 30 years. I still knew all the words! I breathed in the moment and tried to cement it in my memory. I also brazenly snapped this photo with my big camera, from the fourth row, I might add. I'm a Week in the Lifer, I have a job to do. :) 

12:15 pm - Text Mike and ask where he wants to meet for lunch. Ooops, should have done it five minutes sooner, he's already gone through Panda Express drive thru. He's ready for a nap after his late gig and early church service gig so Jennifer (my sister), Caroline and I decide to go to our favorite local place, Demos'. I get the lasagna which was superb, as always.

2:45 pm - Get home and immediately sit down to edit the Scrap Gals podcast for this week. Spent about two hours and called it good enough. (I didn't listen to it as thoroughly as I normally do so I hope I don't discover any errors while listening later!)

5:00 pm - Just as I am finishing up, Mike gets up from his nap and I ask him to please finish it up. He has to compress it, adjust the levels and turn it into an mp3 so I can upload it. I appreciate him taking the time to do this every Sunday afternoon!

6:15 pm - Mike and I decide to go for a bike ride. He wants to go to Autumn Creek, the neighborhood across the street (where Kristina Proffitt lives, by the way) and ride about five miles. I'll stick to our street but first, I ask he and Caroline to take a family selfie with me, to wrap up this project. 

6:25 pm - Caroline had already been outside riding her bike so she goes back inside to take a shower, Mike rides off to Autumn Creek and I take a ride on our road, loving the cool breeze and wind in my face. I love our street so I decide to go back to the house and get my big camera and chance riding my bike while holding it. First, I snap this cool shadow selfie!

I grab my big camera and carefully balance it with the death grip as I ride with the other hand. I try to get some pics of the house from the street but the tree is blocking it so I get off my bike and walk around our yard. I'm feeling like I don't have enough pics from the entire week so I decide just to take some of our house and property. Even if I don't use them for this project, it's always good to have pics of our home.

I snapped my favorite tree:

The side of the house I never get in a pic, with our lovely magnolia tree over the patio:

I see the glow of the sun setting in my backyard so I walk toward our property line to take a peek at what the land looks like now. In the very back of our yard, we have several fruit trees and a fire pit. 

They are building 1,000 houses here and I hadn't seen this since it's been cleared so this was definitely picture worthy!

My house seems far away and tiny when you're at the fence! I really have always wanted to do more on the back part of our yard but now that there will be houses across the fence, I guess that's not happening. The houses are very upscale, nicer than my street so hopefully we will still have a peaceful environment. My Mom lives in a neighborhood similar to what they're building and her street is actually quieter than mine!

As I walk back to the street to try and get a pic of myself with the house in it, crazy head comes riding down the road and speeds behind me as I take a selfie. He's not right. I abandon my selfie since he's now watching me but I do grab this shot which I love but wish was in focus a bit more. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures of the week, primarily because he's a doll in it but also because it's just a snapshot of real life. 

Before I put my bike away, Mike takes a pic of me since I haven't been in all that many shots this week. 

We walk around outside for a while and he tells me about three wasp nests and how he's about to get rid of two of them. I go on the porch and then inside before he attempts it. He was successful! Still a huge one he can't reach that will have to die off this winter. 

8:00 pm - Mike cooks us eggs and bacon for dinner and just as I'm biting into my egg sandwich, he points out the edge is moldy!! Gross!! It wasn't even out of date! I toss the bread and then proceed to eat every snacky food I can find the rest of the evening as we watch The Andy Griffith Show. On Sundays, I like to watch Andy episodes where they go to church. They seem extra wonderful on Sundays. I love to hear what hymns they sing!

While we watch Andy, Caroline sits at my desk and draws. She is always making or crafting something right now which makes my heart happy. 

9:00 pm - Mike and Caroline go chill upstairs and I watch more "White Collar" until bedtime! 

If you're still with me - God bless you! haha!! I have to say, this project has been awesome for inspiring me to take shots I normally wouldn't. On the other hand, by this weekend, it did become a burden to have to remember to take the pics. I would have rather just lived my life and shot a pic or two spontaneously as I always do. 

Now I'm wondering what format I'll put these into and I feel like I need to soon or I might lose my enthusiasm for the project. But as my friend Megan Anderson says, "Document now. Make later." That makes me feel better on the inside. :)

I hope your week in the life was awesome and thanks so much for reading this post and cheering me on!


Anonymous said...

I like your biking pictures. Your home and land are really lovely. If you haven't scrapped much about your home, those pictures will come in handy sometime. I did the same thing when we were up at church rehearsing on Saturday night -- took a lot of pictures that I ordinarily wouldn't have the chance to -- of our stained glass window, the organ (my husband is the organist and choir director), even a carved detail on one of the pews. I'm glad the week is over, too, but I want to try to keep the same "documentary spirit" in my mind moving forward, trying to take pictures of things I normally take for granted.

Unknown said...

Your home is lovely! I love the idea that you took a photo during your church service. I'm going to do that too.

Debra said...

I've really enjoyed seeing your photos. What a lot of work to take them AND blog about them each day. I'm sure it's worth it. Online photo book? Artifact Uprising photo book? You know, something simple. Looking forward to hearing how it all turns out. I'm sure you and Tiffany could do a whole debrief show about WITL. My favourite eps are just you two talking. Bye now - I'll miss your photos. I love the ones of Caroline crafting - taken from above; it's such a dynamic angle.

Tiffany Lowder said...

I love the photos of JWebb and of Mike on his bike - what a great way to capture an entire day! You were much more time oriented and specific than I was. I'm sure this surprises no one. Haha!